Small Glass Bong



Are you tired of running out of rolling paper at a party and are looking for a perfect way to have a continuous flow of smoke? The small Glass Bong from our hollands High Webshop is the perfect accessory for you. All you will ever need are your favourite buds and water. The bong delivers a smoother smoke compared to rolling papers, thanks to the filtration process in the water. It is small, meaning you can keep it discreetly in a lockable drawer away from prying eyes. It is sleek and features the word Bongz is green, yellow and red. Get your Bong from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Smoother Smoke

The Smal Glass Bong is a one time purchase that will help you save on costs used on rolling papers. If well maintained, it will serve you for up to years. It is easy to use and will not give you any difficulty. The side bowl is used for burning dried buds while the mouthpiece is used to draw smoke from the chambers. When you light the buds on the bowl, the smoke moves into the water for filtration. You will notice bubbles as you draw in the smoke. It is also a perfect gift for your friends.


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