Mushroom Bong


Order the Mushroom Bong from our Hollands high Webshop today. The bong is a perfect way to pay tribute to the psychedelic substances, mushrooms, with a smoking accessory. The Mushroom bong is a single pipe with a bent section near the base and a bowl connected to a downstream on the sides. It also features a white mushroom with a white cap and the word mushroom in red. It works to offer the user smooth smoke after filtering it using the water. The smoke tends to be cooler and more refreshing. Order this bong today from our Hollands Hiigh Webshop and gift your friends.

Attractive and Cool

The Mushroom Bong has a unique style that will stand out in any room. The bent part acts as the water bowl for the water used to filter smoke. It is easy to use and will not give you a hard time. Place your buds on the side bowl, where you will light them as you draw air from the chamber through the mouthpiece. In the process, smoke will move into the water, you will see bubbles, and the smoke enters the chamber, from where you draw using your mouth. It is also a p[erfect way to gift your friends. Get yours today.

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