HollandsHigh Bong 14cm


Anyone seeking a small and functional smoking tool to deliver a cooler, creamy, and smooth rather than harsh smoke, the Hollands High bong is the perfect deal for you. It is a small glass accessory that utilises water to filter out a few impurities and harsh heat from your smoke. You get to enjoy a smoother smoke of your favourite buds without choking. It also comes in handy on days when your rolling papers run out. It is a one-time purchase with cost-saving benefits. Order yours from our Hollands Website today for worldwide shipping.

From Legends

The Hollands High bong is a simple glass object with a few parts and the Hollands High logo on the neck or chamber. It features a bowl where the dried buds are placed and light. The smoke goes down downstream into the water chamber where it is filtered. When drawing smoke from the chamber, you will notice bubbles in the water. Most users claim to have experienced a way better smoke as compared to other forms of smoking. The harsh hit is filtered to make it cooler. Head to our webshop for worldwide delivery and gifts for purchases higher than 150 Euros.


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