Glass Bong Smart Straight 45cm


If you are a fun of using the bongs over vapes and joints, the Glass Bong Smart Straight 45cm is the perfect partner for you. It is a huge glass accessory of a height of 4cm and perfect for use when hanging out at a party. The huge size ensures that you take a few puffs before the need to light the buds again. It is a one time purchase that helps you save on several rolling papers and tips. It features red art on the neck. Order yours from our Hollands High Website.

Cool Smoke

Glass Bong Smart Straight 45cm is a functional smoking accessory for a serious cannabis user. It features two side holes that allow air into the water chambers to make the smoke better. The water colls down the smoke, and it is easy to use. palce your buds on the bowl, preferably with a bong screen, and light them. Draw from the mouthpiece, and you will see bubbles in the water as the smoke comes up. You will experience smooth smoke and enjoy the session. Buy your Glass Bong Smart Straight 45cm from our Hollands High Webshop.


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