Glass Bong Blaze Gear 45cm


Buy the Glass Bong Blaze Gear 45cm from our hollands High Webshop today and add a beautiful sparkling accessory into your collection. It is a beautiful glass bong with purple hues and the name Blaze on the neck. It has a beautiful base shaped as bolts and will serve you well. Glass Bong Blaze Gear 45cm uses water to filter out impurities and the harsh heat on dry smoke. The result is smooth, cherishable smoke. You can also use the bong as a present to your stoner friend. Buy your Glass Bong Blaze Gear 45cm from our Hollands High Webshop.

Enjoy Smoother Smoke

The unpleasant heat produced by dry smoke cab be lethal to the lungs. Using the Glass Bong Blaze Gear 45cm helps you cool it down and have a better smoking session. To use the bong; place your dried buds on the bowl and light- the smoke will move down into the water, where you will notice some bubbles. It will then pass through the water into the chamber. As you draw the smoke, you will notice bubbles in the water as the smoke comes up. It also features two side holes to make the smoking better.


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