Glass Bong Weed leaf 30cm


Anyone looking to enjoy smooth smoke will find the Glass Bong Weed leaf 30cm. It is a beautifully sleek smoking accessory made of glass and uses water to filter out some impurities and the harsh heat on dry smoke. The result is smooth, cherishable smoke. Furthermore, the bong pays tribute to marijuana thanks to the huge cannabis leave sitting on its chamber part. It is a perfect present to give a friend on a special occasion. Get one of these beautiful Glass bong Weed Leaf 30cm on our Hollands High Webshop.

Respect the Herb

Forget the unpleasant rolling papers and hand pipes. Use the Glass Bong Weed Leaf and enjoy a smooth and cooler smoke. To use the bong; place your dried buds on the bowl and light- the smoke will move down into the water, where you will notice some bubbles. It will then pass through the water into the chamber. Use your mouth to withdraw the smoke and get high. Remember, the potency does not change, and the effects are the same. Get yours today and enjoy your favourite buds better.


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