BIO Glass Bent Neck

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This is a 30cm tall glass bong. It is a uniquely designed and a fashionable glass bong. This glass bong is recommended for heavy-duty stoners.

It is designed to let the smoke hit you in a high intensity making you high with very few puffs. This is enabled by the BIO Glass Bent Neck glass rig. It comprises of a glass concentrate bubbler with a length of 30.4 cm, an inline perc at the bottom and a bell perc diffuser at the top. This design is also accompanied by a craftsmanship with a stoned wink. It is one of the most comprehensively designed glass bongs yet available at a very affordable price. This glass bong is designed to make stoning easy and more fun as per the design. It gives you an absolute highly concentrated puff. This is a suitable bong for a puff and passes situation as a single puff is a high concentrate of the marijuana.


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