Bent Glass B20 Head



This bong is handcrafted. It is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This makes it more durable and increases its quality. This bong is an easy one to use due to its great design and its durability.

This glass bong is about 20cm long. It is made of elegant glass with a thickness of 3.3mm. The unique qualities of this bong include; a little bit more volume, more stability and provide more joy in smoking. This bong is recommended for all kind of stoners. Its elegant design makes it a great bong to invest your cash in as you can always be sure that your cash will be returned. This bong comes in different shapes and decorative motifs to fit the tastes and preferences of almost if not all stoners. This bong gives you an absolutely delightful experience in smoking. Both heavy duty and light smokers can enjoy their smoking activities using this bong. Buy glass bongs at Holland’s high and experience a new smoking experience.


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