Smoke Me Metal Ashtray


Get on that trippy vibe when smoking with the newest ashtray from Best Buds. It is a small handheld functional tool that will serve the user for a long time. It is made from sturdy metal and will not break if it falls by accident. The ashtray features white and black stripes drawn in a way that will make you trip if you stare for too long. In the middle, it features a super high bud smoking from a huge bong. Order yours from our Hollands high Webshop today.

All the Way Trip

Smoke Me Metal Ashtray is the perfect way to deal with fast-burning joints and blunts. It is small and handheld to ensure you have an easy time ashing. It is a perfect way to gift your smoker friend during a special occasion or 4/20. It is indented in the middle to ensure that ash does not spill over and create a mess. Furthermore, the ashtray will help you prevent fallen ash from burning your seats or your clothes. You can hold the small ashtray in your hand for fast and easy ashing. It is beautiful and will keep your unfinished joints and roaches for later use.


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