Purple Haze Metal Ashtray


Incorporate the amazing artwork of the amazing purple haze strain into your smoking accessories. Best Buds created this small, beautiful ashtray to pay homage to renowned cannabis variety and offer users a functional ashtray that will light up the room with its blue/purple art. It features a Purple haze bud taking a few puffs besides a purple pond with weird looking fish and a light blue horizon. This ashtray will equip you well to deal with ash that would fall on seats and carpets, destroying them in the process. Get your Ashtray from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Sturdy and Beautiful

The Purple Haze ashtray from Best Buds is a functional accessory ideal for anyone who smokes indoors. It will help you collect all your roaches for those impromptu shortages while keeping your place clean. You get to save your carpet and couches from burning from fallen ash. Furthermore, it is made from sturdy metal, ensuring that it will not break when it falls and serve you long-term. Everyone will be asking where you got it. You can not miss having this in your collection. We offer worldwide shipping.


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