Vertafort Tablets Booster Mix, 5


The Booster Mix is a complete food for your flowering plants at every stage of their life: from the seedling stage to their flowering period. Here, you have 5 sets of a booster mix, and each set is a mix of tablets of two different colours: the darker tablets are growth boosters whilst the light coloured tablets are bloom boosters.

When seedlings first appear, irrigate them with the growth boosters mixed with a little water once or twice every week for up to three months. The nutrients in these tablets (which contain sulphates and other minerals alongside hydrolised protein, ultra mineralised seaweed and leonardite humic acid) will enhance your seedlings’ abilities to ward off disease and to resist pests, as well as optimising their strength and energy. As soon as those strong little seedlings start to produce buds, switch to the bloom boosting tablets, as they contain a special mineral mix that will stimulate them to grow bigger, healthier, better, more colourful, and longer lasting flowers.

The beauty of these tablets is that they can be used with crops of flowers that are grown outdoors, but they are also just as effective with plants used in indoor planting systems such as polytunnels and greenhouses. As these are growth and bloom supplements rather than basic nutrients, it is vital to make sure that your seeds and plants are already provided with the high quality of balanced nutrients that they need before you go on to apply the growth and bloom booster mixes to them. These supplements are perfectly safe to use in conjunction with NPK fertiliser, and in fact we recommend that you do so in order to get the best results.


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