Starter Set 100% Natural


If you a new to the world of the cultivation and rearing plants for beauty and personal use, Starters Set 100% Natural is the perfect set for you. The genius creators at Plagron thought it right to put together a natural remedy for novice growers without experience in the art of growing. The set consists of 3 natural fertilisers/additives that will help you achieve a perfect bloom, growth and harvest at the end of the flowering period. The pack consists of three types of additives namely Alaga Grow, Alga Bloom and Alga Roots. Orders yours from our Hollands High Webshop and watch your plants grow healthy.

Ingredients of Alga Bloom

All the fertilisers included in the Starters Set 100% Natural are made from Naturally occurring algae. The alga is a plant with advantages to the maturity and health of the plants receiving the nutrient. Plagron, the producing company, ensures that natural additives are used to maintain the naturality of the end products. They are thoroughly checked and verified by other parties and is a sure organic way for your plants to bloom and flower profusely. Other nutrients used in the creation of Plagron’s Starters Set 100% Natural fertilisers to include; Water, amino acids, nitrogen, marine algae extracts,
phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, growth hormones, yeast.

Benefits of Using Starters Set 100% Natural

When looking for the perfect way to help your plants grow faster, flower profusely and stay healthy, we will often think of additives and fertilisers. However, not all fertilisers are natural and some could maintain chemicals that may harm the plants and you. With the Plagrron Starters Set 100% Natural, you get three important fertilisers created from natural ingredients. They do not have any harmful effects on humans and will boost your productivity.

The Algae Bloom in the set will help your plants germinate faster, while the Algae Grow will provide the required enzymes to facilitate a quick intake of nutrients. The end result is a plant with enough chlorophyll to generate enough food for itself. Furthermore, the Power roots will lead to the development of strong healthy roots that will help the plant gain stability and more nutrients from the ground. It is the perfect natural partner for each stage of plants growth.

Use and Storage of Starters Pack 100% Natural

Using any of the fertilisers in the pack is simple and straightforward. They are all ideal for soil cultivation but if you must use them in hydroponics, remember to flush out the pipes after use. To use the fertilisers, you must start by diluting with water at the ratios mentioned on the packages. Shake the bottles well before use to mix up the content and apply the following instructions on each package.

The nutrients can go bad without good storage. Store the package in a dark place with temperatures of 0 to 30 degrees Celcius. Ensure to use any dilute made within 24 hours for maximum benefits. Also, prevent your skin and eyes from coming into contact with the product. It is irritating. Let your crops flower abundantly by introducing Starters Set 100% Natural into the mix. Order yours from our Hollands Hgh Webshop!




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