Start Up


Start Up by Plagron is a wholesome nutrient for plant development in the growth phase. It is a composite fertilizer that serves as a root stimulator. It plays a fundamental role in the establishment of a robust root system. This is attained by root stimulators, natural growth hormones, vitality production, and growth nutrients all in one product. Start Up ensures every plant receives the crucial nourishment it requires during its formative stages of life. Are you a grower who wants their plants’ first weeks to set a strong foundation? If yes, then get your Start Up by Plagron at Holland High Webshop.

Ingredients of Start Up

Plagron Start Up is an NPK fertilizer (3-1-3). It is rich in bio and mineral nutrition. The nutrient is a precise blend of organic growth hormones, root stimulators, and growth nutrients coupled with vitality production. A safety net to ensure the early days of the plant’s life are bountiful with all the required supplements. Once you use Start Up you do not need to add any other substrate, as it integrates all the needs of a young plant.

Benefits of Start Up

Enables young seedlings to flourish a vigorous and healthy root system. Ideal for rooted cuttings and young plants as well. Facilitates fructification; branching stimulation.  Fructification is the process of a plant developing a fruit. Boost in chlorophyll production, which promotes healthier-looking plants. Enhanced chlorophyll synthesis leads to a proportional increase in energy for growth and flowering. Sturdy root development for young seedlings. How about bringing these benefits up close to your seedlings? Make your order at our Holland High Webshop.

Usage and Storage of Start Up

Plagron Start Up is used in soil and coco cultivation. However, it is not compatible with hydroponic growing systems. If you utilize an irrigation network, you are under advisement to flush the pipes after use to avoid blockage. Apply this nutrient during the transfer of plants. Shake well before use. Mix with water (1:150) that is 7ml of Start Up per 1 liter of water. This suspension potency lasts up to a maximum of 24 hours. Utilize this solution once a week during the growth phase.

The suspension has a cloudy and strange smell, do not worry. In a fashion, it is the organic ingredients in Start Up dissolving in the water. Like so, no harm will come to your plants. If you grow hydrologically on coconut or clay pellets, you are to refrain from using Start Up. Transport in an upright position. Ensure you store in a darkened room with a temperature range of 0-30 degrees Celsius. Start your seedlings off with the right foot by incorporating Plagron Start Up from Holland High Webshop.


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