The Seedbox is the ideal kit for every grower. It contains a unique Plagron Seedbooster, 12 germination plugs and a transparent growing lid. The secret behind the outstanding performance of the kit is a unique formula (Plagron Seedbooster Plus) for rapid and robust germination of seeds. It is, furthermore, packed with precisely efficient nutrients for effective coupled stable germination. This simulator protects against fungi. Pay attention to the clear instructions, in your native language, on the manual. The instructions are available in 12 different languages.

Features of Seedbox Kit

A manual in 12 languages. A transparent breeding tray. 12 germination plugs. Plagron Seedbooster quantity of your choice (available from 250 ml). Make the bold step of shaping the course of your seedlings’ future by getting Plagron Seedbox Kit from Holland High Webshop.

Benefits of Seedbox Kit

Firstly, a complete kit for safe germination is provided. Secondly, to accompany the kit, a distinctive Plagron Seedbooster. This simulator has a protective anti-rotting enzyme that penetrates with precision even the hardest of seeds. Thanks to this, older sources can germinate quickly, a result visible after a few days. Furthermore, Seedbooster ensures uniform plant growth. An accompanying manual in 12 languages makes it a great addition as a DYI tool to your farming needs. This kit will help you horn your craft as a grower and give rise to the next generation of robust plants. Feel welcome to contact Holland High Webshop to commence a journey of rewarding returns.

Dosage and Use

Empty the bottle of Plagron Seedbooster into the measuring cup and add 250 ml of lukewarm tap water. Stir this mixture with precision.

Pour the mixture into the tray, by distributing the solution evenly over the germination plugs. Wait a few minutes until the plugs have absorbed up all the water.

Please make sure your hands are clean, plant the seeds at a depth of 5 mm in the middle of the hole of the germination plugs.

Place the transparent lid on the tray. Ensure that the cap fits precisely inside of the tray between the two notches on. This encloses the growing tray

Proceed to put the tray in a room with a temperature of 20 – 24 degrees Celsius.

Between 4 to 7 days, the seeds will begin germinating. Now, take the see through lid off the tray and skew the tray slightly. Four small openings are created so fresh air can reach the seedlings.

lease make sure the seedlings get enough light to develop well and bloom. When the seedlings touch the plastic lid;remove it. As soon as the roots start growing with out the germination plug, the plants are ready to be transplanted and raised further.


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