Seedbooster Plus


Seedbooster Plus by Plagron is a highly potent and safe fertilizer applied in the initial phase of a plant’s life. It provides with high-level immediacy essential nutrients required by a germinating seedling. At the onset of germination with little to no protection against fungi and bacteria, Seedbooster Plus is there to the rescue. In addition, accelerated germination cycle of up to 40% thanks to novel enzyme technology. Take the next step in embracing the bright future of enzyme technology with Seedbooster Plus by placing an order from Holland High Webshop.

Ingredients of Seedbooster Plus

Seedbooster Plus contains minerals and bio-nutrition. It is an NPK fertilizer (5-4-7). In addition, it meshes well with other substrates. Therefore, you do not need to worry about compatibility. It will not damage the seedlings despite being composed of very potent substances. Rest assured, your germinating seedlings are intact. By adding this careful blend of deadly and care, your seedlings are set for the best possible start; reach out to Holland High Webshop for Seedbooster Plus by Plagron.

Benefits of Seedbooster Plus

First, it revives old seeds by restoring their germination power. Chalk it up to the innovative enzyme technology. Second, it hastens a plant’s development remarkably; due to the immediate delivery of critical nutrients. Its affinity to mix with other substrates reduces the hassle of fitting a new product into your farm. It supplies the germinating plant with essential nutrients, a good basis for a seedling sets the course for future bountiful yields. To gift your plant with a great start, place an order at our Holland High Webshop for Seedbooster by Plagron.

Use and Storage of Seedbooster Plus

Ensure you shake well before use. Add 7 drops of Plagron Seedbooster Plus per 1 liter of water. A beneficial method is to moisten your seeds for 12 hours, use water with a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. Then put your seeds in this solution (Plagron Seedbooster Plus in water suspension) to soak the seeds until they germinate. Apply Seedbooster Plus during the germination phase for a brilliant start. A grower can use it on all substrates, relegate the fear of incompatibility in the rear-view mirror.
In case of rooting, administer Seedbooster Plus for up to one week to protect young plants. You can use it for a spectrum of cultivation scenarios: soil, coco and hydroponics. One should apply it in every watering from the onset of germination to the beginning of the growth stage. During transport, confirm container is in an upright position. Store in a darkened place with a temperature range of 0-30 degrees Celsius. Holland High Webshop is the go-to for your Plagron Seedbooster Plus to embark on a bountiful yield quest.

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