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Power Sleep CBD is the method of combining natural hormone melatonin, non-psychoactive CBD and liposomes. The supplement provides healthy sleep cycle. It Works by eliminating any disruptions that may affect sleep such as stress and anxiety, therefore, enabling easy and fast sleep.

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The melatonin is included to control the sleep-wake sequence. A pineal gland produces the hormone on the front side of the head. Its significant role in managing the sleeping cycle makes it have an involvement with Circadian Rhythm. The production of melatonin depends on light or darkness exposure a person is exposed to.

The generation of the hormone is higher at night than during the day. However, the production rate of melatonin has been dramatically affected by current trends, where electrical and electronics advancements, as well as technology, have taken the world at a storm. The viewing of high light intensity and night lighting systems has significantly affected the Melatonin production even during the night. This is where the power sleep supplement containing melatonin comes in as a remedy.

The sleep irregularities and difficulties to obtain sleep are the critical factors addressed by power sleep from Mister Maka. It aims at restoring the lost sleep-wake mechanism. The CBD ingredient is made with a liposomal delivery method. The method enables the CBD to work closely with the cells and tissues.

Liposomes enable the ingredients of power sleep supplement to go through the inner layer without mediation and control an exhaustive course of advantages. Liposomes are made of at least one lipid bilayers that are sufficiently solid to transport fixings without them being fundamentally traded off in the cruel condition of the digestive zone.

Power Sleep focuses on sleep latency and profound sleeping abilities of people. The Power Sleep’s melatonin content makes sleeping easier by cutting the sleep latency time. CBD in the mix advances a more concentrated course of enabling relaxation benefits that promote an active cycle of sleeping and waking. Moreover, CBD content also plays a great role in reducing pressure and tension while providing relaxation to the body of the power sleep consumer.

Power Sleep Liquid (30ml) is a solution made to boost your sleep. The sleep booster combines CBD, vitamin B6 and melatonin. The compound mixture of 30ml of power sleep liquid contains 75mg of CBD, 45mg of melatonin. The compound also constitutes 19.5mg of vitamin B6.

1ml of the dose contains 2.5mg of cannabidiol, 1.5mg of melatonin and 0.65mg of vitamin B6. The dose has approximately 600 drops of the liquid.

The recommended dosage is 1ml per time and should be taken within 10min to 15mins before sleeping time. However, depending on individual conditions, the dose can vary. It aims at restoring and maintaining good sleep experience through supplementation of melatonin.

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  1. bart

    since I had a car accident I have problems with my shoulder, which makes it difficult to sleep. this product helps me to sleep. I am very satisfied with it.

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    OK it’s really work

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    Works a treat

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