CBD Oil 15%


CBD Oil 15% is an ideal product for anyone who has tried the lower dosages of CBD Oil or CBD products and wants something more potent. It is a full spectrum oil ideal for medium dosages that can deliver the effects that you so much enjoy. We only use purely and naturally grown hemp plants to get the quality terpenes and cannabinoids used in making the product. It is safe and will not make you high due to the almost 0% presence of psychoactive THC. Order your CBD Oil 15% from our Hollands High Webshop and see your days and nights getting brighter and peaceful.

Effects of CBD Oil 15%

CBD Oil 15% is extracted through a signature process that ensures the quality of terpenes and cannabinoids are carefully extracted. In the process, they conduct quality assurance to confirm no THC is extracted, ensuring that the product is free from any psychoactive effects that will make the user high. The product is legal in many places, so do not get worried about cops knocking on your door.

Benefits of CBD Oil 15%

CBD Oil 15% is a medium dosage that will help you experience the perks of using CBD at a moderate level. It is ideal for people who have some engagement with CBD products like edibles and gummies but want to improve their tolerance or enjoy the effects more. It will deliver the same effects as other CBD products by tapping into the rich and nutritious terpenes and cannabinoids used in its creation.

The array of benefits that a user can reap from using CBD oil 15% alongside the improvement to their daily lives include aid dealing with mental issues such as stress and anxiety. The cannabinoids and terpenes used in creating the oil are known to induce good moods and feelings of happiness in the users, ideal for relieving negative thoughts and stress. Furthermore, it has proven to offer a great deal of help to individuals dealing with physical discomforts such as prolonged pain and migraines.

How to Use CBD Oil 15%

Unlike the high giving THC that impairs your functionality, CBD does not. It soothes you and allows you to enjoy your day or evening peacefully while reaping its benefits. It is ideal for use at any time of the day at your convenience. While dosage depends on your health, weight, and history with CBD products, it is advisable to take three to four drops three times a day. It is as easy as using the dropper that comes with the package to place the drops under your tongue and hold for two minutes. Swallow the rest and wait for the effects.

Storage of CBD Oil 15%

Always store your CBD Oil away from kids and direct sunlight. Once you open the package, refrigerate it to increase its shelf life.

Additional information

Allergen information



Olive oil

CBD Content

6.9 mg / drop




Cool, dark and dry




3 – 4 drops / 3 x a day






Olive oil, hemp extract, terpenes


Shake well before use. Allow to remain under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Percentage CBD


Shelf life

6 Months after opening



حلال - Halal



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