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CBD candy cubes are among the best, delicious, and tasty cannabis Edibles you can get from HollandsHigh. This type of CBD edibles contains plenty of nostalgic flavours that form a different combination for anyone. CBD candy cubes are not only for pleasure, but you can take them to relieve your body of the day’s stress.


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CBD candy cubes come in different flavours that include mouth-watering watermelon and orange. Therefore, if you wish to have a fruitier taste in CBD candies, you can try CBD candy cubes in different and tasty varieties. This CBD edible is very easy to eat on the go making it one of the best CBD edibles when travelling. Therefore, you can replace your standard Candies with a perfect CBD candy cube. Customers’ most difficult decision when visiting our smartshop is selecting the CBD candy cube flavour to buy. That should not be a problem since this cannabis edible comes with a mixed tub to make selection easy for different customer needs. This way you will get the chance to try all the available CBD candy cube flavours before selecting the right one for your taste.

The amount of CBD added to a measured amount of candy cubes is standardised to ensure the proper amount is taken. For every CBD candy cubes, you will get 5mg of CBD dosage. Therefore, the amount of CBD you will consume will mainly depend on the number of CBD candy cubes taken.

You will get these marijuana edibles in a well-packed container. The greatest thing about taking candy cubes is that it is delicious, sugar-free and contain all the effects of hemp from CBD. This will ensure the infusion of your favourite CBD edibles without a guilt feeling. CBD candy cubes are the best cannabis edibles for first-timers since other cannabis edibles take a lot of time to release the effect of CBD. Even though it takes longer for some CBD edibles to be absorbed by your body, they will stay in your system for a long time once your digestive system breaks it down. Therefore, consumption of CBD candy cubes is the main dependant on personal preference and choice.

Candy cubes are available in different fruity tastes. It is recommended to take a maximum of six cubes a day to benefit greatly. It is extracted from the hemp plant directly; hence it contains zero THC content.  We select some of the best and cleanest strains and products to provide customers with the best and incredible products.

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Bubblegum, Cherry, Cola, Menthol, Mixed, Orange, Watermelon


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