CBD Ice Tea


Looking at the packaging of this product, you would easily mistake it for an energy drink. It is not. C Swiss Ice Tea is a hemp-infused tea beverage with an array of benefits to the user. While hemp comes from the same plant as Cannabis, it does not have the psychoactive effects given by THC. The THC content in hemp is too low to have any effects and is legal in many places. C Swiss Ice tea is a perfect way to supplement your medication without jeopardising it. Order yours at Hollands High today and enjoy some delicious and nutritious ice tea.

Ingredients of C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea

C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea is a powerhouse of nutrients thanks to its vast ingredients. Everything is natural and healthy and will include green and black tea. The drink is non-carbonated and uses hemp bloom syrup (5 %). In a calculated move, the brewers of C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea included extracts from both black and green tea to give the product more nutrients. They also add plain old sugar, lemon juice, and hemp bloom extract (0.0015 %). All the ingredients are extracted from top quality products grown without pesticides.

Benefits of C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea

C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea is not only the best Hemp ice tea you will ever have but also the most nutritious. The ingredients added to the product carry different nutrients ideal for helping the body deal with various issues. The black and green tea extracts are known for their energy giving capabilities that are sure to keep you refreshed and sharp as you go about your daily life. It is also known to have detoxification abilities.

The Hemp used is fetched from top quality plants and has almost no THC. You get to enjoy all the perks of marijuana without getting high. The hemp extracts are rich in terpenes and cannabidiol essential to the human body. A few moments after consuming the tea, you will feel your thoughts getting clearer as bad thoughts become lighter and slowly fade away. Some of the terpenes found in hemp are known to alleviate physical discomfort in some patients.

The flavour of C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea

The flavour of C Swiss Hemp Ice Tea is very elaborate and complex, very earthy but not at all sour or chalky. The user should expect a novelty product, something with a slight twinge of marijuana characteristic to it, but this has the real deal and lots of it. Like mixing french fries and ice cream, this is one combination that sounds like a disaster on paper but is a stroke of genius on the tongue.

The tea comes packaged in small containers, and you will need more than 20 to feel any type of high. Order yours today and thank us later!


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