CBD Hemp Tea


Are you a tea fanatic who would love to enjoy the beverage alongside the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects? Landracer, a top Dutch company leading with Hemp products has the best solution for you, the Landracer Hemp Tea. It is a pure and natural tasting tea infused with Hemp. It is safe for human consumption and will give the user the most benefits associated with cannabis without getting them high. It does not contain THC and will help the user deal with symptoms of some illnesses. It is a natural supplement to anyone who uses it.

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Benefits of Landracer Hemp Tea

Hemp is a plant that has been used for centuries and centuries, dating before christ. The plants used in the Landracer Hemp tea are grown free of pesticides and other artificial chemicals that enhance growth. They are pure, top quality and helpful to the body. The flowers are harvested when ripe and full of CBD and other vital terpenes found in the plant. Hemp does not have THC, making it legal and safe for those who do not want to experience the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

The CBD in the Landracer Hemp Tea is perfect for dealing with different problems. It is an ideal evening companion with whom you can relax and relieve stress. After a cup of tea, you will feel your thoughts becoming clearer, and your stress is slowly but gradually relieved. Terpenes such as linalool and pinene found in Hemp are also ideal in promoting sleep and alleviating physical pain and discomfort such as inflammation.

Dosage of Landracer Hemp Tea to Use

CBD will have different results in different people. It is dependent on factors such as health, weight and height of the user. With that in mind, you must speak to your health provider on the need to start using Hemp Tea. Nevertheless, it is good to start with small doses and continue increasing them until you get to your desired outcome. The recommended dosage is a maximum of 2g per 250ml of water.

How to Make Landracer Hemp Tea

Preparing Hemp Tea is as easy as preparing any other type of tea. With the dosage in mind, pour the amount of water you want into a kettle and boil it. While boiling, add the required Hemp Tea amount and stir. Let it boil for up to 4 minutes before serving. You can add honey to improve the taste.