Jack 47


Sweet Seeds feminized super hybrid and five-time award winner, Jack 47, is the result of fusing two of the strongest varieties available; AK-47 and Jack Herer. Jack 47 Cannabis Seeds from Sweet Seeds! Available now at the Hollandshigh Seedstore!

Jack 47 is the result of fusing two of the strongest varieties AK-47 and Jack Herer. The two biggest assets of AK-47 are her size and a strong high. The other partner, Jack Herer, is a sought-after species, especially for her mystical properties.
This new variety is immune to all fungi and therefore suitable for all types of cultivation techniques in all types of soil.

Grow process of Jack 47

From the very beginning, when the Sweet Seeds breeders focused on a new strain, achieving potency was paramount. The result of this is clearly noticeable in the THC content that can reach up to 24%. Her Sativa dominance allows her to grow very vigorously and take on great heights with thick heavy buds. The flowers of Jack 47 are completely covered in sticky resin and exude a great aroma throughout the growing period.
Thanks to its new genes and hybrid vigor, this plant can adapt very well to all kinds of growing techniques. If you would like to make cuttings yourself, this plant is very suitable for producing strong healthy clones that already grow roots after 7 days.

Bloomtime and Harvest

You can count on a good harvest after 10 to 11 weeks, from seed to harvest. Outdoors you will have about 500 to 700 grams of dried flowers per plant, with indoor cultivation the weight is close and you will be able to cut away 500 to 600 grams per m2.

Taste and Scent of Jack 47

Jack 47 guarantees a very nice taste with an extremely present combination of a physical stone and an inner high. The flavors and scents of this lady are sweet and fresh fruit, together with a hint of lemon, mango, orange and sweet mandarin oranges and notes of incense, this really is a great flavor bomb.

Effects after Smoking

With 24% THC, this lady can only hit you like a missile if you are not used to using cannabis. Experienced smokers/vapers will not have much trouble with it but will still experience a strong energizing stone. All in all, a strain you need if you want to completely relax after a busy day.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection

18% – 23%

CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

500-600 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection


Flowering Time: No selection

9 – 10 weeks

Harvest month: No selection


Genetic Background: No selection

Jack Herer x AK47

Indica/Sativa: No selection

Sativa 75% Indica 25%

Effect: No selection

Psychoactive, Relaxation, Stimulation

Taste: No selection

Citrus, Fruity, Mango


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