Super Skunk Regular


Super Skunk Regular is an easy to grow cultivar as growers don’t need to identify or remove male plants. As such, it’s a good option for beginners. Buy Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

Super Skunk Regular is one of the strains that live up to their naming. It is a popular Sensi Seeds strain with a large harvest of stocky nugs and (obviously) a super member of the skunk family! It is an Indica dominant strain that offers a relaxed effect complemented by an uplifting high.

Super Skunk Regular: Great! Super! Great! Super!

Super Skunk Regular is a product of one of the most successful hybridising of the last two decades. Breeders at Sensi Seeds took the genes of legendary Skunk #1 with an old-school Afghani and managed to create a specimen never seen before. The strain has, over the years, bagged awards for herself and has managed to remain a favourite among experienced smokers and expert growers. This Regular strain grows very easily and is just perfect in regards to her size and production.

Smoke Report/Effects of Super Skunk Regular

As for the effects that Super Skunk Regular produces, most users describe it as a blend of uplifting contentment and relaxation. The effects will first rush in a cerebral manner that will leave you feeling happy, joyful and content in yourself. You will also notice your focus getting sharper as your creativity levels shoot up.

The cerebral high will quickly be counteracted by an intense body high thanks to the Indica dominance. Your muscles will relax, making you comfortable wherever you are sitting. Together the effects make a relaxed and inspired high that most users will love. The strain will further offer medicinal value in the form of physical pain alleviation, stress and anxiety alleviation and induces appetite in people with eating problems. Super Skunk Regular is a perfect evening strain that can help you wind down the day and induce sleep if used in large quantities.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavours of Super Skunk Regular

Super Skunk Regular seeds grow to produce an extremely uniform crop, which only grows to average heights during the flowering stage. It will have a sturdy and conical appearance.

Super Skunk, unlike other pungent odour giving skunks, will emit unique, smooth and fruit aromas. It will also feature earthy, spicy base notes that become more intense before harvesting. Indoor growers may need carbon filters to contain the smell. When the buds are cured and dried, they produce a soft variant of the original fragrance, reflected in the taste. The citrus sweetness complements the warmer earthy notes perfectly.

Grow Report of Super Skunk Regular

The plant will grow short and is perfect for indoor cultivation. Outdoors the strain will perform best in warmer conditions like the Mediterranean climates. Depending on the conditions, the plant will grow to different heights.

What you should expect:

7 to 8 weeks of flowering
High yields indoors and outdoors
Medium heights indoors and outdoors
Super Skunk Regular can deliver knockout blows to smokers who overindulge. Try it out if you love heavy knockers.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

Harvest indoor: No selection

Medium – High

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

Medium – High

Harvest month: No selection

Late October

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