Skunk Kush Regular


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Skunk Kush Regular is Sensi Seeds latest high-class that taps into a pool of impressive genetics to offer unique flavours and scents. The seeds will grow to develop large and weighty resin-covered buds that emit unique aroma terpenes and add up to hefty harvests. She is an Indica leaning strain that will show Sativa characteristics- especially with her effects

Skunk Kush Regular: A Blend of Classic Genetics

Skunk Kush Regular is a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa hybrid that taps into an incredible pool of genetics. Breeders from renowned cannabis company Sensi Seeds decided to hybridise Afghani Hindu Kush with Skunk #1/Hindu Skunk. They managed to create an outstanding plant that produces vigorously and performs splendidly. Several generations of hybridising the original Skunk Kush mean that this strain has a precisely distinct personality from the rest of the Sensi Seeds Kush family.

Smoke Report/Effects of Skunk Kush Regular

While Skunk Kush Regular is an Indica Dominant strain, it will deliver the best of the Indica and Sativa genetics. The high will be a well balanced out cerebral and body high. It is a heavy hitter that will rush in fast to deliver a strong cerebral punch. It will leave you feeling happy, jovial and in euphoria. You will notice an elevated level of energy and moods that will be the begging of her effects.

Shortly afterwards, the cerebral high will mellow down, and an intense but not overwhelming body high takes over. It will make your muscles relax as warmth spreads through your body make you both comfortable and inspired. The effects complement each other to give a relaxed mood in both the body and mind. It also has some benefits as the body high is used to alleviate physical pain, and the mood elevation alleviates anxiety. It is a perfect evening strain that will let you explore your imagination as well as let you rest.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour of Skunk Kush Regular

The Indica parentage of Skunk Kush Regular is evident in the appearance of the strain when growing. It will feature thick stems with dark green, leathery leaves. Skunk #1 will show itself in the plant size, and she will produce grape-like bundles of buds.

While her effects are potent, the strain also has a unique aroma profile. When the plant is in the field, it will emit hints of spice and sweetness alongside the musky skunk aroma. You will also smell citrus which gets stronger at the end of flowering. The taste will feature the same profile with an additional hint of menthol that makes the smoke more invigorating.

Grow Report of Skunk Kush Regular

Skunk Kush Regular has a short flowering duration, making her ideal for those who want to harvest in short periods. The plant will grow to moderate heights and will produce abundantly. The strain will do well in warm climates and perform best during long summers.

What you should expect:
Heights of between 110 to 150 cm
The flowering period of 50 to 60 days
Harvest around late October
High Yields indoors and outdoors
Skunk Kush is the perfect strain for lovers of easy growing hybrids.

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