Sensi Skunk Regular


If you are looking easy to grow cannabis strain and would prefer an Indica, Sensi Seeds is the ideal strain. Buy Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

Sensi Skunk Regular is perfect for novice growers who would not be required to do a lot. It grows to relatively short heights but gives an abundance of potent effects even to experienced cannabis users. It has a short flowering period, sturdy shape and a medium harvest. Try her out, and you won’t be disappointed.

Sensi Skunk Regular: Pure Indica with High Yields

Sensi Seeds have fame for being one of the best seed breeders to hail from the Netherlands and consistently delivered a spectrum of cannabis seeds with highly appreciated and excellent genetics. Their Regular variant of their Sensi Skunk is no different and brings a lot.

Effects/Smoke Report of Sensi Skunk Regular

Sensi Skunk Regular will deliver effects reminiscent of Indica genetics. A few puffs from a joint bong or vape will throw a strong punch that will offer a state of heavy relaxation and comfort. Your whole body will feel like you are engulfed by warmth provided by a fire in the cold. New users are advised to take her slow as she could easily overwhelm even experienced users.

Sensi Skunk Regular is best for use in the evening after work and before bed. You risk getting derailed and too comfortable to go about your daily duties if you use her during the day. She is best used to relax and kick back. On the medicinal front, the strain gives users some benefits that include high happy moods to individuals suffering from anxiety. Take her in the evening before bed as she is a good sleep inducer.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour of Sensi Skunk Regular

Sensi Skunk Regular has a typical Skunk look when growing. It will grow a uniform plant with a bushy look. The plant will grow to develop thick, strong buds. The buds will form around the cola and will make a substantial harvest.

The flavours of Sensi Skunk Regular are unique and defer from normal Skunk tastes. It will have an earthy, garlicky herbal flavour. It is complemented by sweet citrusy flavours, which make the smoke fresh. The plant will also have a citrus aroma during the flowering stage.

Growth Info of Sensi Skunk Regular

Sensi Skunk Regular is a fast flowering plant that is rich in yield. It will require very little effort from the grower and will grow to show the characteristics of a hybrid. It will grow to relatively short heights and will feature hardy genetics. She is not hard to cultivate and maintain. She will perform well in different environments, indoors and outdoors, giving impressive yield at harvest time.


Short flowering periods of 45 to 50 days
Large yields with little effort
Short heights indoors and outdoors
Sensi Skunk Regular is the perfect novice strain for a grower venturing into Indica growing.

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Medium – High

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