Satin Black Domina CBD


Most cannabis users will overlook the CBD levels in a strain for THC content. In the recent past, however, strains such as Black Domina CBD can deliver both uplifting effects without compromising o the CBD levels. It delivers a 2:1 THC to CBD levels, unlike other CBD strains with 1:1 THC to CBD ratios. It is a well balanced Indica/Sativa strain with moderate effects.

Satin Black Domina CBD: A perfect Blend of Two Worlds

Any experienced cannabis user has come across or heard of Black Domina. It is a potent Indica strain with up to 24% THC and is one of the parent strains of Black Domina CBD. The CBD inclusion in the original remains a mystery as the name remains unknown. The product of the original and the new strain is a well-balanced strain with different advantages.

Smoke Report/Effects of Black Domina CBD

As an Indica/Sativa strain, Black Domina CBD will deliver mild effects characterised by relaxation and cerebral effects. It comes laden with a 14% THC and 7% CBD content that make the high decent and non-overwhelming. In the beginning, you will experience a cerebral high thanks to Sativa genetics from the undisclosed strain. It is characterised by hints of mood uplifts and heightened creativity levels.

The most subtle effect of Black Domina CBD is relaxation. You will notice a tingling sensation from the onset, announcing the spread of tranquillising effects. The effects will slowly morph into a strong feeling of drowsiness and finally a deep couch-lock. The physical high can easily lead a user into dreamland.
On the medicinal front, Black Domina CBD is known to help individuals dealing with chronic pain. The physical high is known to alleviate the pain. Furthermore, the strain is known to uplift the moods in individuals suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

Appearance, Flavour and Scent of Black Domina CBD

The most noticeable thing about Black Domina CBD’s appearance is its rich deep green colour that would look black in some lighting. It features a main cola that is sturdy and thick like an Indica dominant strain. It will also have some side branches with a few buds.
When using the strain, you will experience different scents of pepper, fruit and hashish. The taste is reminiscent of the scent with addition to earthy Afghan tones. It is good to note that the smell is noticeable during growth and becomes stronger towards the end of flowering.

Grow Report of Black Domina CBD

As a feminised cannabis strain, Black Domina CBD is ideal for inexperienced growers. She will not need the removal of unwanted male plants and pruning. She is a fast-flowering strain that does not need much room to flourish. She can do well both indoors and outdoors to give large yields that can be maximised by a little more care.


  • A flowering duration of 55 to 65 days
  • Indoor harvest of 500 grams per square metre
  • Outdoor yields 500 grams per plant
  • 13 to 14% THC levels and 7% CBD

If you are looking to enjoy high CBD levels without compromising on CBD, Black Domina CBD is the strain you seek. Order yours today from our gift shop.

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500 g/m²

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8 – 9 weeks

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Black domina x CBD

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Berries, Earthy


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