Northern Lights Regular


Northern Lights Regular has a short flowering duration and will produce plenty of healthy yields. Furthermore, her aromas and tastes have helped her bag a few awards. Buy Northern Lights Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

How much would you want to have one of the strains most used in cannabis breeding? If your answer is you would love to, then you have found it. For over 3 decades, Northern Lights has been among the 3 cornerstones of cannabis breeding thanks to her powerful influence over growers and users.

Northern Lights Regular: Decades of Amazing Smoke

Northern Lights Regular is a masterpiece among legends. It is an Indica dominant strain with Thai and Afghani landrace genetics. It was redeveloped by Sensi Seeds and now offers many Indica benefits. They include; compact size, a relaxing high, plus a short flowering time. The strain has won so many wards that some people are calling for it to give other strains a chance to win.

Effects/Smoke Report of Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights Regular is mostly Indica, and it will show in her effects. A few puffs of the strain will deliver a powerful and subtle body high that is characterised by relaxed muscles and a sedated mind. It feels like your body has been covered by a cosy, warm blanket. The body high is relatively intense and should be approached with care.

Without a doubt, Northern Lights Regular is not a morning or daytime strain. Its effects can easily overwhelm you and drag them into a couch-lock that will mess with your routine. Nevertheless, it offers some medicinal value to some medical marijuana users dealing with chronic pain. The couch-locking effect is also essential to people dealing with insomnia. Using the strain in high quantities will throw you into sleep almost immediately.

Appearance, Smells and Flavours of Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights Regular seeds will germinate and grow a plant with Indica characteristics reminiscent of the perfect Afghani genotype appearance. It will have a fast-growing stocky, compact and sturdy power plant with broad leaves and large buds. The buds are covered with frost like resins.

The scent will also have Indica characteristics. It will be sharp, earthy and rich, though not overwhelming. It is ideal for growers doing indoor growing or who want to grow discreetly. The aroma will become more powerful as flowering ends and become more complex. The smell of fruit and herb becomes more prominent and is reflected in the taste too.

Grow Report of Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights Regular is an easy strain to grow and maintain. It does not produce male plants meaning no weeding is needed. It is favourable to all indoor growers including, those with limited growing spaces. Outdoor cultivation will give tall plants that may need space.


Flowering periods of 45 to 50 days
Indoor heights of 80 to 130 cm
Outdoor heights of 150 to 200 cm
Indoor yields of 500 grams per square metre
Outdoor harvest of 600 grams per plant
The taste of this masterpiece will make you fall in love over and over. Order your seeds from our Seedshop and enjoy incredible aroma and taste profiles.

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Medium – High

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Medium – High

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Late October

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