Michka Regular


Michka Regular is a Sativa dominant strain named after a Legendary author and grande dame of cannabis.Buy Michka Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

Michka Regular grows to reach tall heights like other Sativa strains and will emit unique citrus notes when smoked. The smoke will offer an energetic mind high that will leave your mind expanded and your creativity levels shooting up. Sher is an ideal strain for artists and will give any experienced grower good yields.

Michka Regular: An Amazing Sativa with incredible Taste

Michka is named after a French cannabis author that has contributed a lot to cannabis growing and use. During an experiment by Sensi Seeds, one that gave us Eagle Bill, the breeders noticed a plant with impressive characteristics. It had a majestic appearance and gave unique scents that made her breeders preserve her. They decided to name the Sativa cannabis strain Michka in tribute to the grande dame of cannabis.

Smoke Report/Effects of Michka Regular

Michka Regular is a Sativa dominant strain that will provide cerebral effects reminiscent of Sativa genetics. A few tokes of her smoke will rush in to deliver a heavy head high characterised by increased energy levels, better moods and increased creativity. The smoke will detach you from the earth and fly you into the cosmos on a journey with the spirits.

While on her smoke, you will notice an increased understanding of your surroundings as you become more alert and focused. The smoke is great for artists like musicians, painters, drawers and singers who can use the heightened creativity. It is a perfect daytime strain that will give you the energy boost to push through a day and focus on tasks. You could also opt to use it at social gatherings with friends. It will make your conversations brighter.

Appearance, Smell and Flavours of Michka Regular

Michka Regular stands out in appearance. It will grow tall and feature few side branches. During the flowering period, the plant will develop plenty of closely packed buds with lime green colour. The buds will have a candle shape with tight flowers and a few tall leaves.

On the flavour and aroma side, Michka Regular will release incredible scents once the buds are dried and cracked open. You will notice citrus scents with notes of lemon and grapefruit. The smoke will attack your taste buds with a candy-like sweetness that make the whole experience appealing.

Grow Report of Michka Regular

Michka Regular is not the simplest strain to grow, but neither is it the hardest. It will require sufficient ventilation to reduce the risk of her dense buds getting mould. Outdoors under a hot and sunny climate, the strain will grow to great heights and give large yields. In colder and wetter places, she will do best indoors to give substantial harvests.


A flowering period of 70 to 85 days
Medium yield indoors and outdoors
Tall heights inside and outside
Michka Regular will not disappoint you when it comes to yield, effects and terpene profiles. Order your seeds today.

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