Jamaican Pearl Regular


Are you looking to improve your moods with sweet tests and incredible potency? Jamaican Pearl, with its fruity taste and mood-lifting effect,Jamaican Pearl Regular assures a good mood. The strain aids the user tap into their Caribbean lounge as it is one among very few tropical Sativas. The strain does well in cool conditions and will reward the grower with incredible resinous buds. The high is not very potent but will be more balanced compared to its peers. Buy Jamaican Pearl Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

Sativa Genetics that Strive Anywhere

Without a doubt, Caribbean and Jamaican Sativas are among the most potent worldwide. While most users would want to have the strains in their catalogues, some live in areas where the climate is not warm enough to support its growth. Breeders at Seni Seeds decided to create a similar strain that could do well in cold regions. They hybridised Jamaican star Marley’s Colli with Early Pearl. The latter gives the strain its climate-adaptive characteristics while Early Pearl delivers taste.

Smoke Report/Effects of Jamaican Pearl Regular

Jamaican Pearl Regular lives up to the reputation of Sativas from the Caribbean regions. The resin-covered buds of this strain will stamp a huge smile on your face immediately after you take a few tokes. A cerebral high ensues making you feel happy and good about yourself. It is characterised by improved moods, an increase in energy levels and creativity.

The effects of the strain are manageable and will not overwhelm the user. Furthermore, the smoke is known to have some medicinal value to the users. Users have reported having experienced anxiety and stress relief when using the strain thanks to the mood improvement capabilities. It is also known to offer appetite to patients and stimulating focus. Use her during the day with friends and enjoy time having fun.

Appearance, Smells and Flavours of Jamaican Pearl Regular

When growing, the Jamaican Pearl Regular plant will show Sativa like characteristics thanks to its Sativa dominant genetics. It will have a generally long and slender shape featuring finger-shaped leaves. After the average flowering period, the plant will produce dense buds on the stems and main cola. They will make an abundant harvest.

On the smell and flavour department, Jamaican Pearl Regular does not disappoint. The smoke will feature delicious, tropical aromas that will leave you with a fruity and sour aftertaste. The joint will leave a sticky layer of resin with smells of a summer’s evening in the Caribbean.

Grow Report of Jamaican Pearl Regular

Jamaican Pearl Regular will grow tall and flower between August and September. It is fast-growing and will do well both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it will some SoG or ScroG cultivation techniques with 600W lights to give substantial yields. Outdoors the plant will perform much better.


A flowering period of 50 to 70 days
the indoor yield of 450 to 500 grams per metre square
High yields outdoors
Outdoor heights of up to 3 metres

Try out this Pearl from Jamaica if you want to quench your thirst to know how Caribbean strains taste. Order your seeds today from our Hollandshigh SeedShop.

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