Jack Herer Regular


Welcome an award-winning and famous cannabis strain that is found in almost all coffee shops around the world to your catalogue. It is a Sativa leaning with incredible traits that ensure short flowering periods and heavy returns to the grower. It will offer amazing aromas and flavours accompanied by high potency. The high will be well-balanced out between a cerebral and body high. Expect huge buds with high levels of resin and THC. Buy Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

Jack Herer Regular: A Treasure of Dutch Genetics

Jack Herer Regular is a household name worldwide with a well-respected reputation. It is a well-celebrated hybrid named after an influential cannabis activist from Europe- Jack Herer. Breeders settled on top hybrid Shiva Skunk( aka Skunk #1) that they hybridised with Northern Lights and Haze and resulted in an amazing 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It will feature characteristics from both worlds.

Smoke Report/Effects of Jack Herer Regular

Jack Herer Regular has substantial THC and CBD contents. A few tokes of her smoke and the THC will kick in to deliver a high energy cerebral high. It is characterised by incredible energy boosts, sharper focus and increased creativity levels. Furthermore, you start to feel happy and jovial, with giggling being part of the effects. Shortly afterwards the cerebral high is complemented by a mild and relaxing body high.

The effects from both worlds will make you feel like you are on a trip in Outerspace. Your mind takes off into the cosmos as your body starts to feel weightless.

The strain’s CBD content has also given the strain medicinal value. In the Netherlands, it is sold in dispensaries for different ailments. Some of the issues that Jack Herer help with are chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. You can utilise the smoke at any time of the day as the high is not completely overwhelming. Small doses are advised for daytime use.

Appearance, Smells and Flavours of Jack Herer Regular

As a Sativa dominant strain, Jack Herer Regular will grow with Sativa characteristics. Its plant will grow tall with side branches. It will produce large quantities of solid, calyx swollen buds, spread along the plant branches with a monster cola in the centre.

In the field or grow-op, the strain will give a subtle aroma. It makes her a great choice for discretion farming. After you have dried and lit the buds, they will have developed a delicious aroma. They will feature complex and sharp smells of hashish and hints of Afghan and fruit skunk flavours.

Grow Report of Jack Herer Regular

Jack Herer Regular is not the simplest strain to grow but will be gentle to beginners ready to learn a few tricks and techniques. It will do well both indoors and outdoors, with outdoor-hot climates being the most favourable. The plants do not cover a lot of space and will the grower plenty of resin-covered buds.


  • Up to 300cm of height indoors and outdoors
  • The flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks
  • Higher yields using growing techniques

Jack Herer has more than 9 awards under her name and does not seem to stop. Join the movement and order your seeds today.

Additional information


10 Seeds


Cannabis Type

Harvest indoor

Medium – High

Harvest outdoor (dry)

Medium – High

Harvest month

Middle of October

Genetic Background

Jack Herer x Ruderalis


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