Cobalt Haze


Cobalt Haze is one of the strains to charm the cannabis community and got selected to have a shelf in the Sensi Seeds catalogue. It is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that grows tall and produces massive yields thanks to its genetic make-up. The strain will grow favourably in warm, sunny conditions and will grow without much need from you. It will reward the cultivator generously with high yields and fruity, citrusy aromas and tastes.

Cobalt Haze: Sweet Flavours and Scents

Cobalt Haze is a product of one of Sensi Seeds Research Projects. It comes from a rich pool of genetics including multiple award winner Silver Haze, reliable Indica Afghani #1 and sweet fruity Blueberry. The genetics balance out smoothly between Indica and Sativa. It is evident in its tall heights and huge harvest reminiscent of Sativa and Indica, respectively. She is a delight for growers going for huge yields and well balanced out effects.

Smoke Report/Effects of Cobalt Haze

Cobalt Haze has an ancestry full of genetics from both Indica and Sativa worlds. It is one laden with potency and provides a very relaxing euphoria reminiscent of a hybrid strain. Some users are reported praising the perfect happiness that she offers. After a few tokes of smoke or vapour(whichever you prefer), you get to explore outer space in a continuous cosmic dance. The feeling slowly mellows out into a mild body high that will not overwhelm you.

She also possesses some medicinal values to the users, thanks to the body buzz she gives. A user who might be from some extreme physical exercise can numb the muscle pain using this lady. She is also helpful to individuals suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. She is a perfect daytime strain since she allows you to handle your tasks without being overwhelmed.

Appearance, Smell and Flavours of Cobalt Haze

Cobalt Haze is a Sativa dominant strain that will showcase the Sativa characteristics throughout the life cycle. It will mature into a huge plant especially when grown outdoors. It will grow to showcase healthy, magnificent buds. The buds are dense and will grow to form a canopy.

Once you have dried, manicured the buds, and lighting some up, the Blueberry genetics will dominate the smell and taste. You are treated to fruity and delicious flavours with some hints of Skunk and Citrus. The smoke is not very smooth but will be a delight to your nostrils and taste buds.

Grow Report of Cobalt Haze

While the strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, it will reach its maximum potential outdoors. The plant can grow tall and will need space to grow freely. It will not ask much from you but will reward you for the little effort of planting the seeds. Grow it in warm sunny climates for healthier produce.


  • The flowering period is 9 to 10 weeks
  • Indoor harvest of 450 grams per square metre
  • The outdoor yield of 700 grams per plant
  • Medium heights indoors and tall heights outdoors

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Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

500 g/m²

Flowering Time: No selection

9-10 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze

Effect: No selection

Creative, Happy, Munchies, Relaxation

Taste: No selection

Caramel, Cream, Earthy, Nuts


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