Buttercream Gelato


Buttercream Gelato is an Indica leaning strain with a popular Indica and powerful Sativa heritage. She will offer effects from both worlds in a cerebral and relaxing manner and grow tall at maturity in a relatively short time. The cultivator will reward the grower with woody, citrusy scents with notes of hash. Expect an intense body high complemented by a creative, mood uplifting and euphoric cerebral high.

Buttercream Gelato: Incredible Heritage

Buttercream Gelato is a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa strain with a well known and respected parentage. Breeders from Sensi Seeds decided to hybridise the world-popular Sativa Durban, an impressive high giving Gelato and a high yielding Hindu Kush. Buttercream Gelato is a Sensi Seeds version of Gelato with all the California characteristics of the original strain. The strain retains the same dessert scent as the original has grown to make a name for itself.

Smoke Report/Effects of Buttercream Gelato

Buttercream Gelato is a partly Indica and partly Sativa cannabis strain that leans towards Indica genetics. Her effects will have the same characteristics with the smoke delivering an intense body high and rejuvenating cerebral high. The Sativa effects will kick in the fist a few tokes into your session. It will be characterised by renewed jolts of cerebral energy that will leave you feeling happy, more creative and more focused.

As the effects persist, the invigorating mind high will mellow down into an intense body high. You will notice all your muscles relax without overwhelming you. The high will allow you to go on with your routine, making the smoke perfect for any time of the day. In the evening, you can use increased doses to combat insomnia. Medical Marijuana users can also benefit from the effects. It is ideal for individuals with anxiety issues and depression.

Appearance, Scents and Flavours of Buttercream Gelato

While the strain grows tall, its Indica genetics become apparent in the appearance of the plants. They feature strong lateral branching. During the flowering period, the branches become loaded with heavy nugs. The long, dense colas form on the central stem and branches and have lots of sticky resin.

Buttercream Gelato inherits incredible notes from its Gelato parent. The taste and scent profile will instantly make you love the strain. Expect scents with citrus terpenes, sandalwood, mint, vanilla and background of hash. The taste will feature wood and hashish complemented by creamy and fruity flavours.

Grow Report of Buttercream Gelato

Buttercream Gelato is an easy strain to grow and will be favourable to new and experienced growers. It is a feminised strain meaning that all the plants will produce flowers. It eliminates the need to weed. The plant does well indoors and outdoors though indoor cultivation is prefered. Outdoor climates for the strain include warm, sunny and reliable summers.


  • Lengthy flowering time of 55 to 75 days
  • Incredible production of trichomes
  • Better yield using ScroG techniques

Enjoy the incredible taste and scent terpenes of Buttercream Gelato by ordering your seeds today.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest: No selection

500 – 850 g/m2

Flowering Time: No selection

8 – 9 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Durban x Gelato x Hindu Kush

Effect: No selection

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxation

Taste: No selection

Citrus, Cream, Mint, Sour


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