Afghani #1 Automatic


Any Indica fanatic who has used the classic Afghani will be sure to tell of its delight. It assures great smoke, powerful high and incredible yields while being easy to manage. Now imagine the auto-flowering version of the original. It does not compromise on the harvest but will give your potent buds in a shorter time. Get your seeds today and enjoy the relaxing Indica high in a short time. Buy Afghani #1 Automatic Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping!

Afghani #1 Automatic: An Upgrade to a Classic

The Afghani phenotype has had a huge fan base among weed users. The strains in the family are a true reflection of an Indica plant delivering delicious flavours, intense smokes and pleasant relaxations. Breeders at Sensi seeds sought to give users a strain that offers all these in a short period and decided to fuse auto-flowering genetics to Afghani #1. She is nothing inferior to the original.

Smoke Report/Effects of Afghani #1 Automatic

Afghani #1 Automatic delivers the same effects as any top-ranking Indica strain. She will hit the user with a powerful punch of pleasant and relaxing body high. Be ready to feel your muscles relax and leave you feeling lazy as you sink deeper into your couch. Expect to experience levels of mood alleviation as you start to feel at ease with your body. New users should approach the smoke carefully as it has the potential to overwhelm even experienced consumers.

Afghani #1 Automatic is a typical evening strain to wind down the day or at night to induce sleep. Although no one will have a problem if you enjoyed it in the day, but be sure to tick off your to-do list before using her. She is also known to have some medicinal value to its users. Some benefits include pain relief, stress alleviation and treatment of insomnia.

Appearance, Smell and Scent of Afghani #1 Automatic

Afghani #1 Automatic will grow with a typical Indica structure, she will grow medium, sturdy and dense. She will have a main cola with a few side branches and dark green foliage. She will produce buds with a heavy resin presence, traditionally used in making hashish.

Afghani #1 Automatic will produce dense nugs, that when dried and lit, give incredible delicious scents reminiscent of the classic Afghani #1. Be ready for entertainment of delicious, earthy and smoky notes in the smell and flavour. She is a cloud of smooth smoke.

Grow Report of Afghani #1 Automatic

After planting Afghani #1 Automatic, she will no longer need you. She does not require any pruning or topping. Thanks to her hardy genetics, she performs well in different conditions, indoor or outdoors. Anyone going for a larger yield is advised to use SOG technique.

A grower should expect;

  • A flowering phase of 7 to 8 weeks and a 12-week lifecycle
  • Medium heights and harvest indoors or outdoors

Afghani #1 Automatic is a powerful classic that will impress you. Order your seeds from our seed shop today.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

450 – 500 g/m²

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

450 – 500 g/plant

Flowering Time: No selection

7- 10 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Afghani #1 x Ruderalis

Effect: No selection

Relaxation, Sleepy

Taste: No selection

Earthy, Herbal


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