Afghani #1 Regular


Welcome one of the most famous pure Cannabis Indica strain to your collection. It is guaranteed to give the grower, including new cultivators, an easy time in the grow-op or garden. It will reward you generously with large, dense and resin covered at harvest time. She is an Indica that will deliver a potent body high that would leave you glued to your couch. Buy Afghani #1 Regular seeds and be ready for Indica power. Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our Sensi strains!

Afghani #1 Regular: A Genuine Indica

While the name Indica comes from India, where a variety of Indica genotypes originate, Afghani #1 originates from the mountain areas of Afghanistan. The region is known for its top-quality hash and some of the purest Indica strains across the globe. The genetics of Afghani #1 resemble those of Afghanistan landrace strains, meaning she is a top-shelf strain.

Smoke Report/Effects of Afghani #1 Regular

Afghani #1 is a pure Indica that will deliver a potent body high. A few tokes into your session, you will feel like a warm blanket has been thrown over you. Your muscles will relax as you sink into your sofa. The effect is relaxing and sexual, making it more appealing and loved. Be ready to stay in that situation for a long time as it could last for hours.

Afghani #1 is not a morning or day smoke unless you want to relax and be lazy around. It could be easily overwhelming and couch-locking, meaning you need to finish your tasks before engaging her. Use her in the evening after work to wind down the day or at night to beat restlessness and insomnia. She is also an ideal smoke for individuals suffering from physical pain as the numbing of muscles could alleviate muscle pain.

Appearance, Smell and Flavour of Afghani #1 Regular

Afghani #1 will grow into a medium-sized and bushy plant featuring broad, dark green leaves. It is sturdy, with numerous nugs spotting around the large central cola. Her dense buds will display an impressive amount of trichomes nearing the end of flowering. The trichomes are collected to make kief or hashish.

After harvesting and drying the nugs, you will want to check out the smoke. Brace yourself to experience intense resinous flavours alongside the incredible high. The smoke will feature earthy and delicious scents and tastes that are complemented by spicy undertones. She is a great smoke that will slowly serenade you into a couch lock.

Grow Report of Afghani #1 Regular

Afghani #1 is an easy to grow strain that will yield results in very few weeks. During the flowering time, she will grow fast and double her height. It will ask little from you as she needs no pruning and weeding out of male shoots. For higher yields, SOG and other cultivation techniques are advised. Afghani #1 can do well both indoors and outdoors.

Additional information

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Medium – High

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Medium – High

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8 – 9 weeks

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