Rucu Cucu OG Auto


This lady’s parents, Tangle and OG Kush, are two stable strains that have already earned their stripes in the cannabis scene. Rucu Cucu OG Auto Cannabis Seeds from Seedstockers available at Hollandshigh! Fast & Discrete World Wide Shipping available!

When the legendary Rucu Cucu OG strain popped out of the magic hat of her breeders, it was felt that she deserved an autoflowering sister as well. This 100% Sativa variety is the result of a close collaboration between Seedstockers and their friend, Homer El Mero Mero.

Growing Rucu Cucu OG Auto

Rucu Cucu OG is an easy lady to have at home. The best way to plant her is in rich, soft soil you mix with 30% to 50% coconut fiber. This supports the root system so that it develops faster and becomes stronger. This will make the harvest noticeably better at a later stage. Rucu Cucu OG can be grown outdoors, indoors or in a greenhouse. When grown indoors, it takes 10 weeks to harvest from seed germination. Preferably use pots that can handle at least 11 litres. Outside or in the greenhouse floweringtime will take one to two weeks longer, depending on the weather.

Flowering and Harvest

If you grow the plants indoors, she is not the cheapest lady to deal with. She only needs four hours of darkness and feels very comfortable if you leave the lights on for 20 hours a day. She needs this light to produce compact crystalline buds that reach a THC percentage of no less than 25%. The harvest is average but the quality of the flowers is fantastic. When grown indoors, you can count on her with 150 to 200 gr/m². Outdoors, the weight of the harvest will fluctuate between 110 and 150 gr/plant.

Taste and Smell

Rucu Cucu OG is the 2.0 of the autoflower generation. It contains terpenes that are very noticeable and give a special blend of mandarin smell and taste accompanied by an intense diesel smell. Anyone who is a fan of citrus and Kush flavors will fully appreciate this strain.

Effects after Smoking Rucu Cucu OG Auto

If you like a lady with spirit who hits you very quickly, Rucu Cucu OG will certainly not disappoint you. You will feel her powerful Sativa effect immediately after the first hit, and she will give you incredible energy and creativity. After the peaks of euphoria, you will notice that you feel completely relaxed, without having to linger on the couch.

Additional information

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Tangie x OG Kush Auto

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8 – 9 weeks

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Chill, Happy

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