Panty Punch Auto


With her short flowering period, her high-quality flower buds bursting with resin and other healing substances and high yields, the Panty Punch Auto is a highly sought after strain among cannabis growers. Panty Punch Auto Cannabis Seeds from Seedstockers available at Hollandshigh! Fast & Discrete World Wide Shipping available!

An autoflower with punch, that’s how you could call Panty Punch Auto. As a result of the crossbreeding between Pink Panties and Purple Punch, the breeders at Seedstockers have once again displayed a fine piece of expertise here. You have to be able to handle her exceptionally high THC content! It is a species that is very easy to grow and adapts to all kinds of conditions and environments.

Growing Panty Punch Auto

If there’s one strain that deserves the name ‘easy to grow’, it’s Panty Punch Auto. If you don’t have much time to look after this lady, she won’t be petulant about it and will grow into a mature plant on her own. She doesn’t worry about light schedules and nutrition at all. She is happy with a minimum of attention, as long as her roots are in good soil. This Indica dominant strain does not grow into a tall wide plant but gets nice and bushy with a size that fits perfectly in any grow tent. You can train her with LST, SOG or any other technique if you want, because this lady likes it.

Flowering and Harvest time

From the germination of the seed to the harvest, it takes about 11 weeks of your patience. Especially during warm summer months when the weather gods are in a good mood, this strain really takes off. In that short time, this lady produces countless buds that glisten with trichomes and are packed with THC. Expect a harvest that is a lot higher than average.

How does the Panty Punch Auto Taste?

A very fruity strain with clear hints of herbs and spices make a delicious mix that is super nice to smoke or vape. It is therefore obvious that this species is often used to prepare cookies, cakes and brownies. This is also a very suitable strain for cannabis oil.

Effects when Smoking Panty Punch Auto

Despite her super strength, this lady won’t knock you down right away… although! If you are not used to using a high THC percentage, it is best to be a little careful. You will feel the effect of this strain immediately after the first toke. A sense of peace and calm will come over you, your muscles will relax and you will notice that all stress in your body disappears. In moderation you can also smoke this strain during the day, but in the evening on the couch she will certainly show you what she can do for you.

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Flowering Time: No selection

10-12 weeks

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Late September, Middle of October

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Panty Punch X Purple Punch Auto

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