BCN Critical Fast Fem


BCN Critical Fast Fem is an fast growing strain that tops the list of most successful cannabis strains in the Seedstockers catalogue. BCN Critical Fast Fem Cannabis Seeds from Seedstockers available at Hollandshigh! Fast & Discrete World Wide Shipping available!

BCN Critical Fast Fem possesses all the characteristics of an Fast growing  strain that growers are looking for. It is a tough, energetic plant that grows quickly and easily and has the potential to deliver exceptionally big yields. Its fantastic flavors and aromas are equally loved. This juwel among cannabis strains was created by crossing two legendary strains that originated in the Basque Country. Kritikal Bilbo and the Critical Mas FAST were re-crossed so this gives a perfect balance between Indica and Sativa.

Growth and characteristics

BCN Critical XXL Auto is slightly indica-dominant and is therefore a highly branched plant with a bushy structure and short internodes. This gives the large amounts of compact and thick buds plenty of room to develop.
The dense canopy plants have a central cola that rises above the numerous side branches that also bear relatively large flowers covered in an icy coating of sugary and sticky trichomes. Because this strain contains a lot of resin, it is perfect for making extracts and oils.

Flowering and harvest of BCN Critical Fast Fem

You grow best during the summer months if your goal is only a single crop per year. The intense sunlight will allow this species to grow and develop at maximum speed. BCN Critical Fast Fem takes advantage of the long June days to experience some very impressive vertical growth. This lady does not grow extremely high and her short flowering time lasts only two months. This makes her perfect for those who want to grow discreetly. You can count on about 75 days from seed to harvest.

Taste and scent of BCN Critical Fast Fem

The dominant terpene in BCN Critical Fast Fem is mycrene. This creates a palette of scents and flavors that gives a smooth smoke. The earthy and musky background is combined with zesty citrus notes revealing the strong presence of pinene and limonene. It is a nice strain to smoke and smell, which makes it difficult to pass on your joint.

Effects of BCN Critical Fast Fem

BCN Critical Fast Fem has a high psychoactive power due to the THC content fluctuating between 14 and 22%. The effect of this lady is powerful and starts off with a very happy pleasant cerebral high that gradually fades into a sensation of physical relaxation that lasts for quite some time. The effects are very balanced and will be uplifting and comforting in equal measure, complemented by mild sensations of great therapeutic potential. This type of smoking will ease muscle tension, help with daily stress and insomnia.

Additional information

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Medium – High

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Medium – High

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7 weeks

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Kritikal Bilbo X Critical Mas FAST

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