Amnesia Auto


Amnesia Auto is a Sativa dominant hybrid. This plant has a special vigor and has the ability to adapt to any type of substrate. Amnesia Auto Cannabis Seeds from Seedstockers available at Hollandshigh! Fast & Discrete World Wide Shipping available!

Amnesia Auto thrives in different environments and even on hydroponics this lady will do well. Amnesia Auto is one of the best-selling seeds from the Seedstockers Autoflower seed bank. She is easy to grow and performs well, both indoors and outdoors. She delivers very good harvests of THC-rich weed that is very reminiscent of a Haze in terms of taste.

Growing Amnesia Auto

Amnesia Auto by Seedstockers has a grow cycle that lasts 11 weeks, from seed germination till harvest. It does not matter whether you grow the plants outdoors or indoors. Maximum results are achieved with a light cycle of 20/4. This species is very resistant to diseases and fungi and therefore easy to maintain as a novice grower.

Flowering and characteristics

With 20 hours of daylight, this plant thrives indoors and is ready to harvest around 11 weeks after germination. If you go for hydroponics and the conditions are optimal, Amensia Auto will give you several hundred grams per plant. You can grow her with all the usual growing methods which even beginners will give very good results. People who are used to growing autoflowers will notice that this is one of the strongest autoflower strains with a very high THC percentage. We have been able to record no less than 23 to 26% THC with this lady.

How does Amnesia Auto Taste?

The flavors and aromas of this variety are about the same. When smoking or vaping, you will recognize a floral aroma with a touch of acidity and notes of real Haze. Lovers of Haze strains will certainly like this weed.

Effects and high of Amnesia Auto

We can also attribute the strength as one of the best Haze varieties to this strain. With a high number of cannabinoids and her high THC content, you will experience an energizing high that will linger in your body for a long time.

Additional information

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Medium – High

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Medium – High

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10 weeks

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Amnesia Haze X Auto Haze

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