Royal Skywalker


Buy your Royal Queens Seeds’ Royal Skywalker from our Hollands High Seedshop for fast and discrete worldwide shipping! The cannabis strain is one of the latest releases from well-known breeders and delivers 40% Sative and 60% Indica genetics. Furthermore, the strain offers the user a clear, physical and relaxing high complimented by blueberry and citrus flavours. It does not overwhelm the user or couch-lock them but allows enjoying the mental stimulation while staying relaxed on their favourite smoking spot. Royal Skywalker is the perfect strain for hybrid lovers. Get yours today.

Royal Skywalker: Well Respected Heritage

Royal Skywalker is Royal Queen Seeds’ attempt to create the well-respected Skywalker cannabis strain. It is one of the newest releases from expert breeders and comes with quality. The breeders decided to use Blueberry and the highly flavourful and aromatic Mazar, which they hybridised repeatedly. The result of the process was a 40% Sativa and 60% Indica strain with effects from both worlds.

Smoke Report/Effects of Royal Skywalker

As an Indica dominant strain, Royal Skywalker offers highly Indica effects with hints of Sativa effects. A few tokes of her smoke, and you will start to notice a cerebral uplift thanks to Sativa genetics. The cerebral high is characterised by mood uplifts and a feeling of self-reassurance.

The mild mind high is immediately followed by a relaxing body high that will feel like warming your body with a cup of hot coffee. Your muscles will relax as you sink into your chair without an urge to sleep. The strain is very potent, with the effects lasting for hours. Do not use it if you are not familiar with such hybrids. Medical Marijuana users can use the smoke to numb some mild physical pain, while the mental boost is helpful to individuals dealing with depression, stress and anxiety.

Appearance, Flavours and Smells of Royal Skywalker

Royal Skywalker grows, showing Sativa characteristics despite the Indica dominant genetics. The plants reach tall heights and feature large internodal spacing dotted with large nugs during the flowering period.

The resin-covered buds give the users delicious and mouthwatering flavours of blueberry, citrus and pepper undertones. It is a sweet treat perfect for anyone who loves to smoke blackberry flavoured cannabis smoke.

Grow Report of Royal Skywalker

Royal Skywalker is a beast at harvests. It will give personal and commercial reasons to smile with its high yields after harvest. Moreover, the cannabis strain takes relatively short periods to flower and does ask for a lot from the grower. They also do well indoors and outdoors, reaching fairly high heights.

What you should expect;

  • A flowering duration of 7 to 9 weeks
  • An indoor height of 80 to 130cm
  • Indoor harvest of 550 to 600 grams per square metre
  • Outdoor height of 150 to 200cm
  • Outdoor yield of 500 to 600 grams per plant
  • Harvests in October

Buy your Royal Skywalker seeds from our Hollands High webshop and enjoy the masterpiece from experts.

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Harvest indoor: No selection

550 – 600 g/m²

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500 – 550 g/plant

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80 – 120 cm

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150 – 200 cm

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9 – 10 weeks

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Blueberry x Mazar

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Clear, Relaxation

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Blueberry, Citrus, Pepper

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