Royal Critical Automatic


In case, you have smoked Critical cannabis in the past, you know it is a top-quality, amazing strain. Breeders thought, why not make it better. Instead of waiting for the long periods of flowering, they sought to make her fast flowering, easy to grow and with a short life circle. You get to enjoy her yield faster than you will expect. Buy Royal Critical Automatic Cannabis Seeds from Royal Queen Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping!

Royal Critical Automatic- The Best of Critical Genetics

The original photoperiod is the product of the blend between Afghani and Skunk #1 strains. She is Indica-dominant but is evocative of the high that skunk#1 gives. She goes ahead to inherit the aromatic scents of Afghani and its medicinal benefits thanks to its high THC and CBD levels. The breeders so it fit to add ruderalis to the mix and speed everything up.

Effects of Critical Cannabis Strain

While she inherited most of the traits from the original Critical cannabis, she does not pack the same THC levels that users might have enjoyed. She comes with a 14% THC level. While Indica dominant, she gives effects similar to those of both Sativa and Indica. She will keep you focused and productive. Tou will experience a joyful euphoria that will drive you the outer space. You may also experience giggling and laughter. Do not worry. It will slowly fade away.

She is a good strain to use in the evening before retiring to bed. The relaxed euphoria has little potency to get you couch-locked, meaning your evening can be spent on other activities. Especially creative activities such as writing and painting. She is also helpful for individuals with concentration problems as it will make you fixated on the task on hand.

Aroma, Flavor and Appearance of Royal Critical Automatic

Royal Critical Automatic inherits the same aroma and flavour terpenes of the photoperiod Critical. She has a mixed option of nature that variates between sugary and earthy. This rare blend has a powerful allure, with consumers appreciating the fragrance. It is detailed better when you light the joint or bong. Its robust tones arise from compounds of pine and oak wood. They are acquired from Skunk#1. Its fresh smell has been equated to honeydew with connotations of citrus. The scent isn’t far away from your normal earthy strain. When compared to other strains, Royal Critical Automatic Cannabis feels like heaven in the mouth, nostrils, lungs, whole body and mind.

Growth Info of Royal Critical Automatic

Royal Critical Automatic was created to be easy to grow and manage. Both beginners and experienced users will have an easy time with her. She takes around 6 to 7 weeks of flowering and is ready for harvest after 10 to 11 weeks after sprouting.

When planted indoors, she will return a yield of between 350 to 400 grams per square metre. She will reach the height of 55 to 65cm making her ideal for small-space growing. When grown outside, she prefers a warm climate like Spains. She would grow to the height of about 90 – 140 cm, giving a yield of 115 to 165 grams per plant.

Additional information

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Harvest indoor: No selection

350 – 400 g/m²

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115 – 165 g/plant

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55 – 65 cm

Height Outdoor: No selection

90 – 140 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

6 – 7 weeks

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Critical x Ruderalis

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Euphoric, Laughter

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Candy, Fruity, Pepper


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