An ingenious yet amazingly beneficial strain, Euphoria is all about smoking some to get through your day more easily. As the name suggests, she delivers a punch of cerebral high from the perfect combination of THC and CBD. She is a happy strain.

Euphoria- CBD Rich Strain From Winning Genetics

It isn’t easy to locate a cannabis strain that gives a modest CBD quantity. Most growers are driven by getting the highest THC levels. Euphoria, on the other hand, stands almost alone in its CBD abundance. She is created by blending the CBD-rich strain Royal Medic and another exceptional hybrid, Shark Shock. The outcome is a strain that has perfectly blended THC and CBD.

Effects of Euphoria

After the first few puffs of this lady, you will be uncertain if you did smoke. Later on, a tingling sensation descends on the muscles and brain. You get the desire to take deeper breaths as happiness engulf you. While you will think that your cognitive capacities remain intact, you will be more obvious and lost. You will be joyous and smiley for a while.

The Indica potion of this lady also helps relax and relieve aches. When taken in large quantities, she also induces sleep. Her effects are cluttered, but the notable effect is endless euphoria during the high. She also some medical benefits like aiding individuals with mental issues. Whether it is fear, anxiety or depression, this lady knows her way around them.

Aroma, Flavour and Appearance of Euphoria

While we all relate euphoria to various aromas, the most prevalent aroma associated with it is sweetness. Afterall, Euphoria gives joy and happiness. She offers a sweet and smoothly fruity smell. She smells tangy, sweet and is simple. Her taste resembles the aroma. She offers a mix of sweetness and fruit. The fruitiness is hazy and not specific to a certain fruit.

On the exhale, you encounter the same flavours that quickly fade off. You may be unsure if you have smoked. The nags of the Euphoria strain are comparatively dense and tend to stick together. The flowers resemble little dense cylinders. She is green and is complemented by yellow pistils. She does not do well with THC levels making her miss white trichomes.

Growth of Euphoria

Euphoria does well both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, she can grow to a height of around 100 to 400 cm. she needs averagely humid conditions with warmer temperatures. The Indica dominance of this strain gives high yields. Outdoor plants will produce around 400–450g/plant. Her flowering period is between 8 and 9 weeks.

When grown indoors, she needs the same conditions as when grown outdoors. She can grow to heights anywhere between 60 and 100 cm. She is ready to harvest after 8 weeks and yields around 450 to 500 grams per squared metre. She requires little attention and is pretty easy going.

Euphoria is great for socialising. After harvesting and drying, invite your crew over and have a superb smoke session.

Additional information

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

450 – 500 g/m²

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

450 – 500 g/plant

Height Indoor: No selection

50 – 100 cm

Height Outdoor: No selection

120 – 150 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

8 weeks

Genetic Background: No selection

Great White Shark x CBD Dominante plant

Effect: No selection

Balanced, Physically Relaxing, Relaxation

Taste: No selection



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