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One of the first strains from Royal Queen Seeds’ innovative catalog is Epsilon F1. Descended from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia, and Black Domina, she has inherited the similar growth characteristics, extensive cannabinoid count, and delicious flavors and aromas from all of these inbred strains.  The newest Epislon F1 cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are now available at HollandsHigh. Buy the latest Royal Queen Seeds F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds now at our HollandsHigh website.

The result of this breeding is a uniform plant that always produces weed of the best quality. In addition to these wonderful qualities, Epsilon F1 is also the fastest flowering autoflower of the entire F1 range and makes her ideal for growers who want to start cutting their harvest as quickly as possible.

Growing fase of the Epsilon F1

Epsilon F1 has excellent vigor and is very resistant to diseases and fungi. Each seed, no matter how many you will germinate and plant, will grow into the same plant in proportion to height and compactness. The structure is rather small and it produces few side branches.

Flowering time

A good carbon filter is not a must with Epsilon F1 because when she starts flowering automatically, you will hardly smell her buds until harvest. What’s also special about this strain is that it takes only sixty days, from germinating the seed, until it has grown into a mature plant. It is not surprising that this lady is extremely suitable for discreet cultivation.

Flavor and smell

Despite the fact that she doesn’t give off much odor during her growth and flowering, Epsilon F1 still has a rich aroma of fresh herbs and citrus. Her hearty, earthy flavor with hints of blueberry and lavender make Epsilon F1 a great smoke to enjoy.

Effects of the Epsilon F1

She produces consistently high levels of THC and the terpene profile mainly consists of myrcene, farnesene, ocimene and limonene. These terpenes are not only responsible for the aroma, but also have their share on the effects. You can expect a long-lasting stone that will completely relax you and soften all the muscles of your body. In addition, you will feel that an uplifting boost of motivation comes over you so that you do not feel the need to linger on the couch.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection

Very High

CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection


Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

Medium – High

Height Indoor: No selection

40 – 70 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

6 weeks

Harvest month: No selection

9-10 weeks after germinating

Genetic Background: No selection

Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina

Effect: No selection

Long Lasting, Physically Relaxing, Relaxation

Taste: No selection

Blueberry, Citrus, Lavender, Lime, Spices


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