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Imagine how easy something would be to be named Easy. Well, that is the Royal Queen Seeds Easy bud. A strain that is easy to plant and manage. Buy Easy Bud Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Royal Queen Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping!

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Easy Bud: As Simple as Her Name

Imagine how easy something would be to be named Easy. Well, that is the Royal Queen Seeds Easy bud. A strain that is easy to plant and manage. Getting info on her is the only hard thing about her. Her genetic makeup is somehow not well known. Though this queen is dominantly Sativa, she does carry 30 % ruderalis within her. While her descendants are a mystery, the chance is that she is a child of either Pakistan or Afghanistan landraces. The most likely combination is White Indica and a ruderalis from Russia.

Effects of Easy Bud

Although her THC is around 20%, the ruderalis bit of her considerably diminishes the strength. It necessitates a little time for the effects to kick in, but then you will experience a state of euphoria. Smokers usually claim that a few tokes of Easy Bud aid them to feel more artistic and fruitful.

After a few minutes, she takes over your mind in a cosmic journey. You feel happy and rejuvenated for about an hour. Afterwards, the body high takes over. She relaxes the body, making you feel like a masseuse is working on you. It is best to locate a cosy spot to rest or lie down. She can pin you down wherever you are smoking. Easy Bud is an excellent evening strain, as it slackens the body and mind adequate to guide you into slumberland.

Aroma, Flavour and Appearance of Easy Bud

Easy Bud introduces herself with a delightful citrus smell. Opening up the buds unveils a cheesy fragrance with traces of pepper and spice.New smokers might find that they endure coughing when they first use her. She renders an astute, citrus flavour with a piney aftertaste.

Easy Bud has huge flowers, while the buds match little Christmas trees when trimmed. The yellow pistils look inviting next to the pale green leaves. While she does not rank high in potency, Easy Bud holds a moderate level of trichomes.

Growth of East Bud

When it comes to raining this queen, her name represents her. Her ruderalis genetics hastens the plant’s maturity from the vegetative stage to flowering with a few weeks. With a 5-7 week flowering period, her lifecycle is 9 weeks.

Easy Bud grows well both indoors and outdoors. She can manage in comparatively low temperatures and are also extremely repellent to pest and several diseases. Easy Bud’s mini size makes it the absolute indoor strain. It grows to a maximum of 60cm, so you can conceivably grow it in small spaces.

Easy Bud requires little attention. However, using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup can reduce the vegetative stage further. When grown outdoors, she flourishes in a hot and semi-humid condition. The yield ranges between 85 and 170 grams per plant. Indoor growers will receive a higher yield of up to 310 grams per square meter. Growers can harvest her multiple times a year, thanks to its short lifecycle.

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275 – 325 g/m²

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30 – 80 g/plant

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50 – 60 cm

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60 – 110 cm

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5 – 7 weeks

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White Indica x Ruderalis

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Physically Relaxing

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Citrus, Herbal

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