Blue Mystic


Breeders from Oregon and California crossed some Thai strains, Thai hybrids and an Afghan to lay the foundation of North American marijuana strains used today.  Buy Blue Mystic Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Royal Queen Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping! Check out all our strains!

Blue Mystic: A Blue Berry Distant Relative

For growers who do not like the nosy neighbours and are discrete of their cannabis growing endeavours, this is a perfect strain. It has a fairly neutral smell during its flowering period. Compared to other strains, it produces way lesser aromas. The flavour and effects of Blue Mystic do not change with the difference in aroma giving during flowering.

Breeders from Oregon and California crossed some Thai strains, Thai hybrids and an Afghan to lay the foundation of North American marijuana strains used today. The legendary breeders came up with many strain varieties smoked today. Within the strains was Blue Mystic. It is an Indica dominant strain with high lifting euphorias meant to take you straight in the cosmos.

Effects of Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic, an Indica dominant strain, comes loaded with full swing effects of Indica. After the first few puffs, you are engulfed with relief. It is subsequently followed by a feeling of euphoria filled with joy and happiness. After feeling light and floaty, sleep slowly engulfs you taking you into the mystic worlds.

The strain is called a nighttime strain. One that helps you wind down your hectic day. It is not a party strain and should be used at the comfort of your house. It is not advisable to use before work or before operating heavy machinery.

Aroma and Flavour of Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is a lady of sensory pleasure. She comes laden with the sweet, honeyed smell and taste. It smells of the tropics and is fruity. If well-taken care of, the smoke should give the feeling of drinking actual juice.

Growth of Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is one of a kind strain. It does not generally grow upwards. Rather the plant grows bushy, pushing sideways. The phenomenon gives it a good trait to increase its yield.

    • IndoorsIs the home for this strain. It offers you growers secrecy from nosy neighbours who may recognise smells of flowering marijuana. Compared to other marijuana strains, it gives a lesser strong scent. The plant at maturities features buds from the top to the bottom while having long side branches if you use a SCRoG mesh. It requires a substantial area to grow well. The plant flowers in 2 months and 600w light can give a yield of 450g per square metre.
    • Outdoors
      The plant can grow very wide but still maintain to be short. At the younger stages, she needs topping. It enables her to grow out, with huge buds from bottom to top.
      They can be grown under the cover of other plants since they give weak scents. The plants do not need a lot of attention and are perfect for beginner growers.

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Harvest indoor: No selection

375 – 425 g/m²

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400 – 450 g/plant

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60 – 90 cm

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180 – 220 cm

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8 – 9 weeks

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Original Cheese x Oregon Blueberry Blend

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Candy, Fruity


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