Autoflowering Mix


If you travel alot or live in an area where the climate fluctuates alot, you will need a fast-growing and hardy cannabis strain for your cultivation. Royal Queen seeds took a step further and came up with a package of different auto-flowering strains. You get to enjoy a cocktail of fast-growing cannabis strains. Each packet includes different strains of Indica and Sativa, perfect for someone who loves Get your seeds today and enjoy the relaxing Indica high in a short time. Buy Autoflowering Mix Cannabis Seeds from royal Queen Seeds online at HollandsHigh! Fast & Discrete worldwide shipping!

A Cocktail of Autoflowering Genetics

The incredible breeders at Royal Queens Seeds decided to create a package for fanatics of auto-flowering genetics. The idea was to serve customers with little time to tend to their crops. They grow fast and live by the name auto-flowering.

Smoke Report/Effects of Autoflowering Mix

Autoflowering Mix bombards the smoker with a mix of effects from the Indica and Sativa world. The plants will deliver the best of both worlds through a blend of heady high and physical stone. A few tokes of the smoke will send a wave of energy through your head as euphoria sets. It will be characterised by increased focus, jovial moods, and increased creativity levels.

The high will slowly mellow into a relaxed feeling featuring muscle relaxation. The physical stone is the highlight of the effects as users feel pleasantly dazed and deeply relaxed, a little bit like after a long sauna session. The strain is also known to offer some medicinal value to users including, physical pain alleviation, anxiety alleviation and stress alleviation. It is a perfect evening smoke which to end a hectic day or induce sleep in high quantities.

Appearance, Smell and Scent of Autoflowering Mix

Autoflowering Mix will grow with a typical Indica and Sativa structure. The plants will vary in height between average and tall heights. They will grow medium, sturdy and dense with the main cola and a few side branches and dark green foliage. She will produce buds with a heavy resin presence, traditionally used in making hashish.
The flavours produced by the plants and buds will vary as the specific strains are not revealed.

Grow Report of Autoflowering Mix

The auto-flowering mix was compiled to provide growers with harvest in short periods. They are easy to grow and will give growers an easy time. It does not depend on light periods to flower and allows several harvests in a single year. It will do well indoors under artificial lights and outdoors. Using techniques such as Sea of Green and Lollipopping will give higher yields. The harvests will vary in size but will be hefty enough to serve your bong for a long time. Order your Autoflowering mix from our Hollands High Webshop today and enjoy international shipping.

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