Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds from RQS are one of the best cannabis seeds of our feminized seeds collection. Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular cannabis strains in Holland. You can find Amnesia Haze in almost in every dutch coffee shop. Are you looking to grow your own amnesia haze with feminized seeds from Royal Queen Seeds? Then add them to your cart and we will ship them right away!

Amnesia Haze: A Notorius Pschedelic Strain

This two-time award-winning strain (1st position 2004 Cannabis Cup, 1st position Sativa Cup 2012), popular in many Amsterdam coffeeshops, is a perfect uplifting and energetic way to start your day. It comes from a classic, long and mellowing psychotropic Sativa lineage sprinkled with some dense mountain Indica. It delivers a high packed from 22% THC meant to take to outer space within the first two puffs. Amnesia Haze is a perfect must-try for any experienced herb user.

After multiple strains of the haze genetics landed in Holland, a scientist combined one of them with a male from the older haze seeds. Some parent strains include Jamaican, Hawaiian, Cambodian and Thai Sativa. The Indica parent strains include South Asian and Cambodian Haze. Such a combination gives the strain its clean high with little side effects.

Effects of Amnesia Haze

Contrary to what its name implies, Amnesia Haze does not make you forget things. Rather, the strain will punch you with a strong high that will arouse new creativity levels in you. It gives you stamina and motivates productivity. It also boosts joy with its massive smiling effect. If you try this lady, expect multiple laughter outbreaks and giggles with a peaceful sensation following afterwards.

Amnesia Haze gives just the right amount someone needs to push through the day. It does not derail you with sleep, making it an essential recreational tool for socialising after work. Better still, have some puffs during the day to give you a boost.

Enjoy multiple medicinal benefit such as reduced stress levels and mood suppression. It offers relief to those suffering from depression with its uplifting effects. Those suffering from persistent pains, loss of appetite and exhaustion can find solace in this lady. It contains numbing properties and is a subtle energiser.

Amnesia Haze Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

One scent that stands out once you light that joint or bong of Amnesia Haze is the sharp, robust smell that is sure to engulf you. The tart smell of lemon, citrus and pine scents follow immediately, giving a more tropic like profile.

The flavour of this lady resembles much of its scent. An additional tongue engulfing sweetness to the citrus taste give the smoke a more desirable profile. The smoke is polite and does not cause havoc in the lungs.

Amnesia Haze is beautiful. It has sugar leaves; grey, pale green and sagey in colour. It also has soft pert pistils that swirl and intertwine with the nugs.


Cultivating Amnesia Haze can be daunting. This strain does best in mild, sunny and hot climates. They are best grown outside as the ideal condition are difficult to replicate indoors. It is pest sensitive and needs lots of care. It is for experienced and engaged cultivators.

Under 600w light, the yield from this plant is 75g/plant. When grown outside, the yield shoot sup to 700g/plant. It can grow up to the heights of 120cm. It takes about 15 weeks to grow, after which you can dry it and enjoy high potency weed.

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Harvest indoor: No selection

600 – 650 g/m²

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650 – 700 g/plant

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80 – 140 cm

Height Outdoor: No selection

175 – 210 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

10 – 11 weeks

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Late October

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Original Amnesia Haze

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Long Lasting, Physically Relaxing, Powerful

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Citrus, Earthy, Herbal, Pepper


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