Stroopwafel Cookies



We can’t think of anything that is more Dutch than this, a delicious cannabis strain with a taste that reminds you of tasty sweet stroopwafels. Lovers of sweet smells and tastes will put this strain at the top of their wish list once they have tasted it. This indica dominant cannabis is also easy to grow in a not too warm and steadfast climate, although she obviously prefers a lot of sunlight. This lady does not grows really tall because with a maximum of 110 cm in indoor cultivation you can hardly speak of a ‘Grande dame’. Outdoors, she can grow to 180 cm, but that is under the best possible conditions. However, everyone knows that it’s not the height that matters but the hundreds of beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids and, of course, the amount of beautiful sticky flowers.

When growing indoors, experienced growers can usually count on about half a kilo per square meter and that is actually not wrong at all. If you put your plants outside in a large container of in the soil, the harvest will of course be slightly less, but that does not apply to the quality. Stroopwafel Cookies give you a hefty high that comes very close to true euphoria. Your body will relax completely, but if you are not used to this strain, you should pay attention. The THC content can go up to 23% and that is quite a lot for a beginner. If you are not used to such a high dose of THC, it is a good idea to start gently so that your endocannabinoid system can process it better.

With a taste to enjoy hit after hit, beautiful buds that are full of eyecatching crystals, a harvest to remember and a wonderfully relaxed feeling, then you don’t have to think long before you put the Stroopwafel Cookies seeds on your orderlist.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

450-550 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

450 – 500 g/plant

Height Indoor: No selection

80 – 110 cm

Height Outdoor: No selection

140 – 180 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest month: No selection

Middle of October

Genetic Background: No selection

Cream Caramel x Girl Scout Cookies

Indica/Sativa: No selection

Sativa 35% Indica 65%

Effect: No selection

Euphoric, Physically Relaxing

Taste: No selection

Caramel, Cookies


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