White Widow Auto



White Widow Auto is a fast-growing strain and superbly reliable- the long Sativa growing time of 9 weeks is perfect for growers who want quick turnarounds. She can produce incredible results outdoors with ease as well in hot or cold weather conditions! Her flavours are a mix of spicy earthiness that will have you feeling at peace, while her effects provide relaxation making this plant great if you’re looking to enjoy some downtime socializing too. Order your Seeds today from our Seedshop.

A West Coast Legend

White Widow is one of the most famous strains to originate from the USA West Coast. She amazed the cannabis industry that breeders started looking for a way to make genetics better. They decided to add FB Fem Auto #13 to the mix and created another legend.

Smoke Report/Effects of White Widow Auto

Thanks to her 20% THC, the effects are uplifting and clear-minded with an exciting buzz. She will fire up your mind so you can get all systems goin’, making her perfect for keeping organized or busy when on a task! With less psychoactivity than most highs out there today (and no racy feeling at all), it’s easy enough transitioning into relaxation once more after smoking too much – which is why this high has been coined “The All-Day High.”

Appearance, Smells and Flavours of White Widow Auto

The buds of Original Auto White Widows are covered in trichomes, with dark green pistils and attractive maroon colouration. These sexually dimorphic flowers produce large amounts of resin distributed throughout each bud from top to bottom; they’re also light-weight but offer plenty for those looking who want their high-quality dollar worth!

This flavour is bold and earthy with a spicy overtone. The taste will remind you of your grandfather’s pipe, or perhaps hunting for prime cuts of beef just after grazing time has ended in autumn when all that remains are the rich flavours on one’s tongue from roasting over an open fire.

Grow Report of White Widow Auto

The G13 Haze is an easy to trim strain that produces an intense resin. When grown in the right conditions, it’s known for being one of our most productive plants with extreme profiles! It has been said you can make hash or extract from this type of material depending on what you’re looking to use–it’ll perform well either way, but these are just some suggestions when growing them at home. She also performs beautifully outside late into wintertime as long as there aren’t any below 60 degrees Fahrenheit where they will still grow tall until then if planted too early, however.

What you should expect;

  • Heights of 70 to 110cm indoors and outdoors
  • Indoor yields of 400 to 500 grams per square metre
  • Outdoor harvest of 50 to 170 grams of buds per plant
  • The flowering period of 9 weeks

Order your seeds today from our hollands high Seedshop and enjoy a trichome machine with an insane resin profile.

Additional information

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Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


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Harvest indoor: No selection

400-500 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

50 – 170 g/plant

Height: No selection

70 – 110 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

9 weeks

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