Cherry Cola Automatic


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Indulge in the splendor of Cherry Cola Automatic from 420 Fast Buds, available at Holland’s High. Its rapid growth, captivating appearance, delectable taste, and well-rounded effects make it an invaluable addition to your cannabis collection. Don’t miss the chance to cultivate and enjoy this extraordinary strain

Growth and Characteristics

Elevate your cultivation journey with Cherry Cola Automatic. This masterpiece, born from the fusion of Cherry Cola and Ruderalis genetics, brings convenience and quality to your garden. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a first-timer, this autoflowering variety is your gateway to success. With a rapid growth cycle of approximately 9-10 weeks, this strain transforms into a compact and robust beauty, reaching heights of 90-150 cm. Its sturdy structure supports the growth of resin-coated buds, promising a good harvest that will satisfy you.

Blooming and Appearance

Experience the marvel of Cherry Cola Automatic as it bursts into bloom in just 70-75 days from germination, revealing its stunning colors. During this period, the plant undergoes a captivating metamorphosis, transitioning from vibrant greens to rich hues of deep red and purple. The buds become generously coated with glistening trichomes, reminiscent of sparkling jewels. This strain’s rapid growth and enchanting appearance make it a sight to behold, leaving an indelible impression on anyone fortunate enough to witness its beauty.

Taste and Scent of the Cherry Cola Automatic

Embark on a sensory adventure with Cherry Cola Automatic, offering a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. The strain’s taste is a delightful blend of sweet cherry and cola notes, evoking memories of your favorite childhood treats. As you indulge, the aroma fills the air with a tantalizing fusion of fruity sweetness and hints of spiciness. Each inhale is a journey into a world of delectable sensations, making Cherry Cola Automatic a true smokers’s delight.

Effects When Smoking Cherry Cola Automatic

Cherry Cola Automatic delivers a harmonious balance with its genetic makeup of approximately 45% Sativa and 55% Indica. Upon consumption, you’ll experience an initial cerebral uplift and creative surge, courtesy of the Sativa influence. Gradually, the Indica genetics come into play, inducing a gentle relaxation that soothes both body and mind. With a high THC content, this strain offers versatility, perfect for unwinding after a long day or sparking creative inspiration.

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

THC: No selection


CBD: No selection


Harvest indoor: No selection

500-600 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

50 – 250 g

Height: No selection

90 – 150 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

9 – 10 weeks


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