Blueberry Auto



The incredible Blueberry genetics find a home in Blueberry auto. The auto-flowering version of the legend delivers a good harvest of dense and firm buds. She has the same rich and beloved taste and flavours of Blueberry. Smoking her buds is an unforgettable encounter! She also grows to a beautiful tree in a short period and gives a potent smoke. Try her out in your garden and get stupefied.

Blueberry Auto Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry auto is a child of a legend. Blueberry original is loved worldwide for its sweet flavours and tastes together with the high that it gives. Breeders hybridised the Blueberry genetics with FB FEM Auto #13 for its ruderalis genetics. The product was a strain with the same taste and scent profile as Blueberry only backed with fast-growing genetics. Expect the very best cannabis experience when using Blueberry Auto.

Smoke Report & Effects of Blueberry Auto

Blueberry Auto is a dominantly Indica strain with a good percentage of Sativa genetics. The strain comes packing 22% THC that hits you immediately after you take the first puff. Your body relaxes as you feel like a masseuse is working on you. The feeling of floating among clouds is then slowly replaced by Sativa effects. You will be left inspired, uplifted and chatty. Your conversation with smoke mates will become chilled and anxiety-free.
While it is Indica dominant, the strain does not take a toll on the body. You will not be left couch-locked, although it will leave you relaxed. Do not be fooled though as the strain can put you to sleep if taken in higher quantities. It is imperative to intake her moderately.

Users struggling from stress, anxiety and insomnia could find her effects very useful. The inspiring characteristic provides the mood uplift that such individuals seek.

Flavour, Taste and Appearance of Blueberry Auto

When inhaling and exhaling Blueberry smoke, be ready for an incredible flavour journey. It has a pleasant and delicious taste that leaves behind a sweet blueberry taste. While exhaling, the flavour resembles a blueberry muffin-like taste. You will also experience a luscious combination of flowery, fruity and earthy terpenes that will fill the room. You will understand the strain’s fame immediately you light a joint.
At harvest, the buds will be covered entirely in a thick layer of resin with numerous colours. Bright green buds with hints of yellow, pink and red will be your harvest.

Growtips for Blueberry Auto

Blueberry grows to a relatively short height. It does not require much from the cultivator. With the basic conditions met, she can give a good yield. Remember to defoliate as she can be bushy and prevent light from reaching lower buds. Flush before harvest to heighten the aroma and strengthen the presence of unique colours. She does well in different conditions, indoors and outdoors.


  • An average height of around 110 cm
  • A harvest of between 400 to 500 grams per square metre indoors
  • Produce of about 50 to 150 grams per plant outdoors
  • A flowering period of 9 weeks

Blueberry Auto is known to be an anxiety-free strain ideal for individuals experiencing paranoia. Buy Blue Berry Auto Cannabis Seeds from 420FastBuds online at HollandsHigh Seedshop!

Additional information

Brand: No selection

Cannabis Type: No selection

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Harvest indoor: No selection

400-500 g/m2

Harvest outdoor (dry): No selection

50 – 150 g/plant

Height: No selection

70 – 110 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

9 weeks

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