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Afghan Kush auto is a simple, fast to grow Indica strain. It will deliver a narcotic and prolonged corporal high. She is best suited for both experienced and novice growers. Expect high yields of resin-covered buds. The rich and pungent combination of sweet and earthy scent and flavours will make her worth your effort. Hashish lovers will love her.

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King of the Indicas

Named ‘The Father of All Kushes’, Afghan Kush Auto is one of the purest Indica strain in the market. The experienced marijuana strain breeders at Fast Buds chose the original Afghan kush. The strain is known to pack high Indica genetics with very powerful effects. To give it auto-flowering characteristics, the breeders hybridised the Afghan Kush with high-quality ruderalis. The product was an almost 100 per cent fast flowering Indica strain.

Smoke Report/Effects of Afghan Kush Auto

Afghan Kush auto has specially selected Indica genetics. They give the strain exclusive Indica effects when used. The effects kick in shortly after lighting a joint of her buds. Expect a powerful high that would render you lazy and sometimes extremely couch-locked. Have snacks and food ready before indulging her as she gives insane munchies. When taken in large amounts, her smoke could knock out even the most experienced smokers.

Afghan Kush Auto is not a daytime strain, especially if you have work to do or errands to run. The heavy Indica effects could easily lull you into sleep. Use her in the evening before your evening meal for the munchies and to wind your hectic day.
Some medical benefits of Afghan Kush auto-flowering would include;

  • Alleviation of sore muscles
  • Physical pain relief
  • Give sleep to insomniacs
  • Give appetite

Flavour, Aroma and Appearance of Afghan Kush Auto

Afghan Kush Auto is the perfect strain for old-school hashish lovers. Expect the typical earthy, piney and herbal terpene mixture(smells like Hash) complemented by citrus undertones. It tastes like a normal Kush with a peppery taste. The sweetness makes her smoke smooth. Sessions of her smoke become more appealing as all her flavours bombard your taste buds.

The strain grows to relatively shorter heights with broad dark green fan leaves. Her buds will grow huge with light green tints that match the leaves. You will notice large quantities of trichomes at the earlier flowering period. It will also excrete delicious scents during the period.

Grow Tips of Afghan Kush Auto

Afghan Kush auto is an easy strain to cultivate, thanks to her resilience. She does well in challenging outdoor conditions. Her small and compact physique make her great for cultivators with limited grow space. LST is recommended to allow more air and light to penetrate the plants and between buds. It inhibits mould and bugs from destroying the yield.


  • A height of about 60 to 90 cm when grown indoors or outdoors.
  • A yield of 400 to 500 gr/m2 indoors
  •  A return of 50 to 130 grams per plant
  •  An 8 to 9-week flowering period

Smoke Afghan Kush Auto slowly to enjoy its range of flavour and Aroma terpenes. Enjoy!

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Harvest indoor: No selection

400-500 g/m2

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50 – 130 g/plant

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60 – 90 cm

Flowering Time: No selection

8 – 9 weeks

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Afghan Auto

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